I’m Here

This is usually the norm for a ‘first post’ so hey, my name is Osi. In October 1995 I dusted all my brothers and sisters to be popped out on July the 7th.

Image result for sperm race

(Here is a throwback of the event)

Nah but seriously here is an actual photo of me as a baby.

Baby picture of me (Osi)
Baby Picture Of Me

Yeah I know, I look like an alien and I was such a fat child. But anyway I live in London and I’m currently in my final year studying Biochemistry in Coventry University (don’t ask why, even I hate it). This is probably going to be the most random blog ever as I don’t have an exact ‘theme’ of what I’ll be posting so it’s probably going to be whatever comes spontaneous to me.

I’ve been struggling for literally all my life and I’ve lost passion for pretty much everything, so this (as well as other things) are new challenges that I’m taking upon myself to try and “find myself”. I was soooo creative during primary but I just stopped everything due to my Mum saying things like “What are you going to do with that” or “That’s not going to get you anywhere”. But I’m here now and it feels good doing all these different things and hopefully I’ll keep it up (because knowing me…). I might start with a 30 day blog challenge or just go into straight randomness, but it’ll defo be real soon once I fully know what I’m doing!

Big Os

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  1. Very happy you’ve created a blog! Use it to write whatever the hell you feel like and enjoy (although I like your poetry so more of that please lol) 😝🎉❤️

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    1. officialosi says:

      Lol the poetry is in the works and yeeaahhh, its real good though

      Liked by 1 person

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