Catching Feelings

You know when you hear that notification sound from your phone and you pick it up to check and it’s ‘her’ (or him, but obviously from my perspective) and you instantly start smiling like a Cheshire Cat, or you hear that notification sound and you pick up your and to your disappointment it’s someone else and  for some odd reason you become angry at that person that messaged you because it’s not ‘her’ (I don’t know if that’s only me lol). These are a few mild symptoms of catching feelings. One of the worst sicknesses that have been recorded by man to date… lol. Don’t get me wrong catching feelings isn’t a bad thing I mean it’s a natural thing, you need a driving force to push any relationship and without it its basically… whats the point of this. But please don’t be one of those people that catch feelings over small shit like “OMG, HE CALLED ME CHERRY EVEN THOUGH MY NAME IS CHERANE, HE’S CLEARLY THINKING ABOUT ME… I THINK HE’S THE ONE”.

Gif from Ru Pauls Drag Race saying Girl Really?

During my first year of Uni I literally fell head over heels for this one girl, the first time I saw her instantly my thought was “wooow, I need to be in a relationship with this girl”. I mean these are normal human feelings you can’t stop, but I hadn’t even spoken to her yet. It’s crazy how you can feel like that in an instant, but it is what it is. I mean… sometimes you can’t help it.

Long story short after 3 years of trying and ‘chasing’, nothing fully materialized and after my “recovery” period (well to a certain point where I’m OK enough to do whatever) I found myself trying to in a way forcefully move on to try and forget about her and fill that void by ‘catching feelings’ in a sense. It never worked, and it got the point where I’m like “This shit really isn’t healthy” and it got me thinking that all of this is really not important and should come naturally. Not a constant thought that you should be constantly pursuing, you know that cliche term “If it’s meant to be it will be”.

In my life now I’ve completely detached myself from all of that and with all the new things that I’m doing it really keeps my mind occupied so I don’t really think about any of that. I think you do really need to be selfish with yourself in the sense that you should just do you. I mean you might go out one day and meet someone at a bar or in the club and exchange numbers but don’t think “OMG she’s the one, I really need to go for her” just continue doing what you’re doing and if something happens to materialize from it then that’s great, but let it be from a natural vibe not a ‘constant attack’. Putting someone on such a pedestal from the jump is really not healthy and messes with you mentally as it probably might not be on the same level from the opposing end, then it’ll get you questioning yourself asking yourself ‘those’ questions beginning to implant false notations in your mind and now you’re upset for really… no reason. it’s a lot better to grow with another person from the same level as you’ll learn a lot more about them in addition to having a better personal connection.

If you asked me if I regret my past situation I would say no and I would probably do it again (there will always be that one special person) but you have to keep moving forward. Yes i have been talking with someone but without all of those thoughts and feelings, so its just kool vibe just like with any other friend you have, and as the saying goes “what will be will be”.

Buuuuut despite all of that… Yinka Bokinni is still bae

Photo of Yinka Bokinni
Yinka Bokinni Looking Fine as Usual

(I mean, c’mon)

Big Os

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  1. Haha, great wisdom!! Where was this post a good few years back. I think today I still make the same mistake, although in a more controlled manner. It’s hard to revert the pattern, hehe!

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    1. officialosi says:

      Trust me it is. Even today I have my moments, but I’m a lot more in tune with myself so I can consciously realise when I’m in “that moment,” and take more control. And thank you 😊, it was probably my 4th post (around that anyway) sometime last year.

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