My Top 10 Tracks Right Now

Carlton Banks dance

10. Sneakbo (feat. Yungen) – I Heard

Number 10 was meant to be Mabel & Not3s Fine Line, but I heard this yesterday and it had to take its place (I left this on a draft). I Heard is on the tracks from Sneakbo’s new album Brixton which came out recently, and is another one to the list of bangers that Sneakbo and Yungen have made. The thing that really sticks out most in this song to me is definitely Sneakbo’s verse, as his flow is second to none and is probably one of the best I’ve ever heard, plus the beat is just wavey.


9. Ninj – Pull Up

Micah (Ninj) because that’s what I know him as back in secondary school days. I remember back in secondary school he was the guy in my year that was ‘rapper’ and but it wasn’t on a serious level like now. Back on Blackberry Messenger (BBM) days he used to broadcast diss tracks lyrics on other people and they would go back and forth and it was just hilarious. This tune has a different type of early DJ Mustard vibe to it (and the producer StevieBBeatz is also waves as well). It has that summer vibe (even though it dropped in the winter) and is just a bop whenever, I was pretty late on this song and don’t listen to it as much as before its still a vibe.


8. MHD – Afro Trap Pt. 7 (La Puissance)

Shout out Mahisan for this lol. When he came back France he started playing a lot of french rap and this is one of the tracks that have stuck with me. When I go to his and we get high this always comes on and I bop to it more than the others. As the title makes obvious Afro Trap the mixture of the Afrobeats and Hip-Hop trap fits so well together making for a great track.


7. Niska – Réseaux

Another French banger, from Mahisan, from the weed session. The one thing that stands out from this track ESPECIALLY when I was high is the “oooouuuu’s” in the chorus (which is so smooth by the way) because it always took me to another place. One more thing that gets me in the song making me laugh  is the bit towards the end of the video where he hand signals the girl to get into the car without saying a word (which should really be a meme to be honest).


6. Niska – Salé

Another one (DJ Khaled Voice) from Niska, and another from the getting high playlist. The first thing i want to say about this track is that whoever produced this track is a genius, like I would love to rap to beat similar to this, and even though I don’t understand a word he is saying or any of the other french songs you can still vibe to it like you understand every word. The only downside I would have for this song is that I feel he should have stuck to that ‘melodic rap’ throughout the whole song as it would have been better, but either way its still a banging tune.


5. Migos (feat. Drake) – Walk It Talk It

New ting from the Migos and their new album Culture II. From the songs I have heard from the album this is probably the only one I like lol. It the typical type of sound we have grown to love from the Migos, but their unique flow and that Drake effect on the feature its a hit nonetheless.


4. Kojo Funds (feat. RAYE) – Check

When this first came out this was on repeeeeaaaaaat all day everyday, literally non stop. If I started this blog 2 weeks ago this would defo be number one, but the thing with me is I get so bored of the new music so quickly these days so it doesn’t really have the same great effect, but don’t get twisted if it comes on especially in the club you know what time it is. Also the Craig David Walking Away sample (Love that song by the way) with the kind of dancehall vibe fits so well together, with RAYE’s voice complimenting the song so well.


3. Hardy Caprio – Rapper

When I first saw this pop up on my YouTube homepage my first thought was “Wow, he’s finally doing something on his own channel, let me check it out” and then I listened to it and I thought “Meh, it’s alright”. But for some reason I kept listening to it and it’s really grown on me to the point it was actually my favorite song quite recently. As well as the song the video kind of reminds me of a modern day version of JAY Z’s Give To Me adding to you wanting to keep clicking to watch because both have that funny character in the video, in this case Yoms.


2. Ninj, Not3s & Afro B – Candy

Another one from Ninj and even though this song came out a year ago it’s still just as good as when it came (though I don’t really like Afro B’s bit as he slows the song down waay too much). The sample of candy on the track gives it that classic vibe mixed with that smooth production sound that makes it sound like you’re outer space really taking you to another place. I think this track is a modern day classic, really it’s timeless and there isn’t many tunes that past the test of time these days. The other reason I love this song is during the time it came out it got me reminiscing about the topic of the song and although it was going bad at the time it just took me to those good times, another place as I’ve said.

P.S. The production is mad from StevieBBeatz


1. Knucks & Not3S – Hooper

And Number one had to be Hooper (you know I had plug the fam). Knucks has been doing his ting for a hot sec now, and really has the full package from the rapping ability to producing, with him also having a hand this very track. Again those ‘Ding Ding” sounds really has that outer space vibe so to me its going to be a natural hit to me. Even though I know this song has been in the stash for a while its finally been released and I really believe this will be the tune to take Knucks to that next level of exposure and recognition.

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