Things That Irritate Me

I don’t think anyone knows but I’m a very irritable person (maybe it’s because I act so chill all the time) but mostly I won’t even show it even though on the inside it bugging the fuck out of me. Some of the things might sound really silly to you, but honestly the smallest things really do irritate me.

Slow Walkers

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I don’t know if this is the number one thing because the other things are equally as frustrating as the other but this right here is extremely annoying. I beg *In a Nigerian accent* if you’re someone who doesn’t walk with purpose just stay at home. Some of y’all really be strolling like your dad owns the pavement. You see how there’s a lane for cyclist (which they don’t even use, ill get to them) there needs to be a field for slow walkers because they’re just clogging up the streets and London roads are packed enough as it is. It’s even worse when you go up north (I’m from London), I know nothing be happening there but why???????????


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Whether you’re a driver or a pedestrian the common enemy is definitely a cycilist. The main reason why cyclists irritate me is that they’re always in the way whatever the circumstance. Giving one example, you’ll be waiting to cross and a little gap arises presenting the opportunity  to cross but then noooo one stupid cyclist comes so you have to wait for that wasteman to go by and by the time that happens the other cars that were lagging behind are now in front so you gotta continue waiting which is just frustrating and brings me to my next one.

Waiting For a Car To Pass to Cross

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This may be silly but let me explain. You know when you’re approaching a crossing and the road is FREE but as as soon as you get to the road to cross that’s when one fucker decides to roll up and now you have to wait, and for some reason it always gets me mad lol and I’m just thinking why do you have to come now. It’s even more annoying when that person is driving sooo slow, its just like “move out the way so I can cross”.

When The Lift Is About To Close and Someone Comes At The Last Second

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When I get to the lift and its just me waiting (unless I’m with my friends) I feel so happy because I hate that silence when you’re in the lift with a random person so I’m always like “Yeah, this is gonna be calm”. So the lift comes, you step in and press you number and just as the doors about to close one fucker comes at the last second and sticks their hand out so the doors stop closing, and I’m just like “why are you heeeree”. I get soo mad at the person and at the lift for taking so long to close lol.

When Someone Wont Move To The Other Side When You’re Walking Towards Each Other From Opposite Directions

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This shit annoys the fuck out of me and I don’t understand why people do this. usually when I see someone approaching from the opposite side I pick my ‘lane’ early so the person knows my stance and STILL they choose to walk in the middle or come to the side I’m already on instead of just doing the simple thing for both of us and just making way and I’m just thinking “You dirty fuck, why cant you just move to the side”.

People That Constantly Ask Questions

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You know those people that constantly ask questions, even after you’ve made your point they still have to question it. I don’t care what age you are you only get three questions consecutively, after that you can fuck off

When People Decide To Sit Next Me When There Are Plenty Of Free Seats On The Bus/ Train

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You see this yeah, this needs to be crime. I don’t understand why out of aaaaalllllll the seats that are free on this bus you want to sit next to me, its not even like you came to talk, just here taking my oxygen. These days I just look as angry as possible and put my hood up and more time that not even on a full bus no one sits next to me 🙂

Being Woken Up For Rubbish

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It’s actually disrespectful to wake someone up without a valid reason, i remember I was sleeping and my little cousin woke me up to ask me “what’s the password to your laptop”, Eh. First of all who said you can use my laptop in the first place, if you just don’t gerrout of here my friend *In my Nigerian accent*. And on a side note mum, I love you, but please don’t wake me up to ask my what I want to eat, its the least of my worries in that very moment.

People That Take Days To Respond

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I’ve realised everyone is a lightie so when someone takes hours to respond I don’t really care to be honest. But you see when it’s DAYS and someone tries to come back and continue the conversation like nothing happened, you can just fuck off.

And sorry for my language, this shit actually gets me mad lol

Big Os

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