Arsenal & Arsène Wenger

I should have posted this when they were on a run of four straight loses, but it doesn’t matter either way. When I was younger I supported Arsenal, had a real emotional connection with the club. If they lose I would be upset, and when they win, especially trophies it would sky rocket my mood to another planet. I also used to idolise Thierry Henry, The Greatest ever in the Premier League and Arsenal. When I used to buy Arsenal shirts it was always Henry or 14 at the back and when he left Arsenal it was so heartbreaking, but when he came back and scored the winner against Leeds it gave me such a warm nostalgic feeling, you couldn’t help but feel happy.

Arsenal's French player Thierry Henry celebrates scoring a goal during the third round FA Cup match against Leeds United in 2014. Henry will be in Dubai on Thursday and 30 fans will be given the opportunity to win a meet-and-greet opportunity with him. AFP PHOTO/IAN KINGTON

The team I grew up watching and loving is so different to the one now, and ill tell you when it all changed.

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Even just looking at the picture above and contrasting the quality of players in this picture to the team now is just mad how much of a gap there is. The year I fell out of love with Arsenal and most of football to be honest is that season when Eduardo suffered that horrible injury (I think it was the 08/09 season) and before Christmas Arsenal were 11 points in front of Chelsea (I may be wrong), but we were top before Christmas with a good lead on the second team place and SOMEHOW we ended up finishing third and that was it with me. I really did not think that was acceptable and that’s when I began to turn on wenger…

Arsène Wenger

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Arsène Bludclart Wenger… When he first came into the club he changed everything, the game of football and the football club itself. The first 10 years of his tenure was great, but every story has an ending and this one should have ended YEARS ago. He had the chance to leave on high after the FA Cup win but decided to sign another 2 year contract to continue taking the club down under and he’s doing a fantastic job of it. Now, people will talk about ‘paying off the stadium debt’ but this guy literally took the piss during that time (to me anyway). He sold EVERYONE, all the legends and experienced heads of the club that should have been there guiding the youngsters, he changed the type of players in the club to these small weaklings with no backbone, and despite the constraints on the budget the players he was signing was unforgivable; Silvestre, Squillaci, Chamakh, the list goes on, but even when we had those players we were better than we are now. When I hear him talking in interviews with all these deluded talk and like we owe him something when in reality we don’t owe him anything. It’s like someone gambling and at first they’re winning all the money and feeling so good, then suddenly they start losing. Now instead of stopping and taking what you have left, that person thinks they can win it back so they continue playing till they’ve lost it all and continue playing till they’re in minus and that is basically Arsène Wenger. I don’t know what his obsession is, but he really needs to go. I don’t care how its done or who does it but he needs to leave the club ASAP. He has single handily ruined his own legacy and does not deserve anything for the way he’s been treating the club for the last 11 years. I could seriously go in on him but this post will turn into a book with chapters and all sorts but nobody has time for that. #WengerOut #ArsèneMugabe #PowerHungry

When people ask me about who I support and football I say “yeah I support arsenal” but to be honest with you, I don’t really care. The way it has been going for the last few years its become expectation and I also hope Arsenal don’t win the Europa League so this fucker can be forced out the club and rebuild with a fresh start, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results and I just want to end this post with an actual extract from domestic abuse.

“A pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship where one partner gains and maintains power and control over another partner. This usually starts when one partner obtains control and systematically limits the other partners ability to regain control, dictating the relationship. The abusive behavior includes direct or indirect resistance to the demands of the other partner, emotional abuse, economic abuse (restricting use of funds) etc. Typically, when the abused partner eventually identifies the abuse or seeks change, the abusive partner will tend to give that partner a false sense of hope that the relationship will improve however this does not eventuate and the cycle continues”

Feel familiar?

Big Osi

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