16th March 2018

This would have been soooo much better if I didn’t delete every single photo I have, but it’s whatever. Today and this post is one I would like to dedicate to appreciate Rachel on her birthday.

From Kasbah (because that’s where I remember meeting you) till now its literally been a mad ting. AAALWWAAYSSSS the life of the party and someone who is virtually impossible to hate and has been directly and indirectly involved in some of the best moments in my life (I done lost what I wanted to say because I stopped to text but if I remember I’ll come back to this post), but honestly the energy you bring into everything that you do truly radiates into my life and definitely the other 20,000 people you know.

To be honest you’re at the age now where I should annoying you with WHHEEENN WILL YOU MARRRRRRYYYYY, but I’ll leave this as a gap year lol.

If you were still in endz in Coventry we would probably go Kasbah and be eating their burgers, whilst you make 50,000 snaps of the night (or I don’t know coz you decided to do cross country for your birthday after 1st year), but this will do for now

Anywayzzzzz, Happy Birthday and keep doing your ting, and don’t change cuh we all love the way Rachel is 🎉🍾🍾❤️, oh and here is your present below (It looks better in person)



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  1. whiskeyandmerlot says:

    Happy birthday, Rachel!! ❤

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  2. Oh my days loooool first of all, you’re exaggerating about the snaps kmt! Thank you soooo much, this is amazing and hilarious !! ❤️😝 lucky for you, o don’t delete my photos! I still have the one where you invaded willowbank 👀👀xx

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    1. officialosi says:

      Loool, when I start again I go to the extreme with it, and I was invited that never happened lol


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