My First Kiss

I’m always thinking of new things to add to this page and I’ve wanted to tell stories about events in my life for a while, but the only ‘real interesting’ ones are on my failed relationships and I don’t really want to be just talking about that so I’ve been leaving it on hold, but today I thought fuck it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s ‘interesting’ or not, its still something.

So anyway this story is about my first kiss. I was around 6 years old (yes I was, no one believes me when I say that and I don’t know why lol). Back in primary school everyone used to go to this one child minder and I wanted to go there because I felt left out, so I used to bug my mum to move me there until one day she finally did. So when I finally got there it was before school and before my mum starts work as she was dropping there, and because it was quite early I was there for a little while before school started. I got there I was really really shy when I was younger, so I didn’t say a word at first until my two friends got there and one of my friends sisters (I’m not going to name names for this one lol). So n the couch from right to left it was; my friend, me, my friend sister and my other friend.


(Here’s a visual representation courtesy of Snapchat, from my right to left)

So we we’re all talking, and just to add some background information my friends sister was 3 years older than the rest of us. So then after a while me and her were talking (can’t remember about what) but for some reason she was like lets kiss. Now I’m thinking “there’s other people here they’re going to see what we’re doing its not possible” and that’s exactly what I told her. Her response was “Nah, we’ll just put our hoods up so no one will see us”. See… when she said that In my head I was thinking “how is that going to change anything its still obvious what we’re doing”, but I didn’t say anything and went along with it, It was just a 2 second peck on the lips (not whatever you dirty people are thinking of), and the most surprising thing about it was NO ONE even said anything, literally. And I was thinking “how didn’t anyone not notice us”, or maybe they did, and they didn’t say anything, but I never heard of that moment again so I guess they didn’t even realise. Fast foward now she’s married now with kids, and me and her brother are still kool so I guess its all good lol. But yeah, that was my first kiss 🙂

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