“Take Off Your Hood”…

I’ve been really lazy with my posts lately (hence the all video blogs), well… apart from Really I’m the Plug series which I’m really enjoying. The truth is I just haven’t thought of anything that I can write about that has an adequate amount of words, I mean whats the point of a 3 line post. This is one of the posts I’ve been holding off on as I didn’t really know what to say but I know how it makes me feel, so I thought I might as well try

I don’t know what it is but this stigma about ‘wearing a hood’ is soooo outdated and really frustrating to be honest. I remember a day after a night out at uni with a couple of friends we were on the way to McDonald’s (you know after a lot of alcohol you’re so hungry lol) and this was during winter time so IT WAS COOLLDDD. So we finally get to McDonald’s and I have my white jacket on (specifying the colour to prove my point)

(Here’s the jacket)

and I still had my hood on from being outside, and to be honest with you McDonald’s wasn’t even that warm when we got inside so I kept my hood up. As soon as we got into the queue to order the security guard came up to me and tells me “take off my hood”, At first I gave him ‘that look’, but I’m not a person to start trouble so I just did it. After I did though I was discussing with my friends why I even need to take of my hood anyway, am I not allowed to feel cold? and what is my hood doing to anyone regardless of the weather anyway I mean, am I going to steal chips from the back or something.

This false stigma of if you’re wearing a hood you’re a ‘badman’ or ‘you’re in a gang’ is so far fetched and one of the many stereotypes that really need to be thrown straight in the bin and permanently deleted, I mean maybe its because I’m tall and black but that’s a whole another issue in itself.

The false stigma placed on people wearing hoods should not even be a thing. How can something that is PART OF THE ITEM OF CLOTHING so scrutinized, it’s such a shame because Muslims get the same stick even though these are way different terms but everyone knows Muslims are not terrorist so why vilify a whole people for a minority and this is what I’m talking about. I’m using something that is given to me as an option and should be vilified for using that option, and no I am not going to steal anything, no I do not have a gun and no I am not in a gang. I should not be labelled for choosing to use something that is part of a piece of clothing, I mean how silly does that sound…

P.S. Stories and poems are on the way, just have to do other things first

Big Os

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