Selling Out

I heard Yungen’s new song and within the first couple of seconds of hearing it my first thought was “wow, the transformation complete”

(Here’s the song here if you want to take a listen)

To be honest think the song is dead (that’s a whole other subject though). But after listening to the song I was remembering how he was dissing Chip for making pop music but goes and does the exact same thing.

Related image

Now, the stuff Yungen has released since being signed hasn’t been the traditional Hip Hop Yungen that the ‘proper supporters’ have been accustomed to, but the songs have still had that ‘urban vibe’ to it so for me its been acceptable. This tune did make me think about this subject on a bigger scale, and it got me questioning why do rap/ Hip-Hop artist completely switch to making pop music once they get signed. I guess the simple answer is more money, and I guess yeah, that is right, but I actually want to know the real reason. With Hip-Hop becoming the biggest music genre (which is an incredible feat from where it started) I don’t understand the change when you can make a lot of money from it. You’re whole career has been based of this specific thing, but now you’re “mainstream” you suddenly switch to a completely to a completely different thing and to me that is so fake. Are you even enjoying what you’re making?, do you even have even control of what you’re doing? Now I can understand featuring on a Calvin Harris track or something, collaborating here and there, but this complete switch up is crazy to me and UK artists are the most guilty of this. I remember Tinie Tempah doing an interview and he was talking about this subject and he said something like “I don’t understand why I should be labelled a sell out for trying to reach out to a bigger audience” (I’m paraphrasing but it was along those lines). And yeah, what he is saying is absolutely right, although that is not what he and many other people have done. It’s like when your friend gets into a relationship and they completely forget about you, and if it doesn’t go as planned who do you think the first person is they’re going to come back to… And that’s exactly like this. Without those people that were supporting you from the start you would not even be in that position in the first place so why would you completely switch up on them. If that fails, where are you meant to turn. You can reach out to a bigger audience whilst staying true to your art and your own self, which is the most important thing (I mean look at Kendrick Lamar). It’s either you probably never really believed in yourself or just literally chase money no matter what, which is kind of sad to be honest.


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