This was around the time I first started writing poems so to me its kinda shit lol, but here it is anyway

If they wanted to they would have right?
Like how the sun still shines in the dark night sky
And while my side stays shining, yours is void of light.
But you wont let your world turn, to share my shining light.

If someone said they’re going to do something they’re going to do it right?
Like “I’m going to knock you out inside four rounds”
But they end up losing the fight

Is it really possible to meet the right person at the wrong time, can this really be part of life?
Was it really the wrong time for me to call your name out that day, maybe then you’ll still be here for the fight.
But love is war and I’m the only one swinging, so really I’m the loser of the fight.
And though my heart beats forever to go on, I’m going to have to throw in the towel tonight.

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