Carry Me Home (Inspired By Jorja Smith)

I see you’re tired of this so I’ve hit the brakes
The traffic light is on red, but I’m still up for the race
But I blame myself so I apologize
Things could have been done differently
If we go off the last conversation was it honest?
Because honestly you’ve made me feel like the unrequited lover
And I’m past being stuck here waiting for you, but I’ll rather not cross girls off a checklist till I tick another of you.

Sometimes I think can’t you appear back in my world and we can planet, all that space, put a ring on my world like it’s Saturn up in space
But you change like the shape of the moon…
The solar system.
And I mention that because you are my soul and system.

Sometimes I wonder do you still think of me too?
Our silence settles strangely now, isn’t your self conscious heavy?
But my opinion will always stay the same and you know
If you could do me one favour I could savour I hope,
You could remember me one morning and…

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  1. Hemendra Dibaakor says:


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      1. Hemendra Dibaakor says:

        Welcome at scattered words 🙏

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