It’s Needed

Here I’ll talk about a couple of things that I feel are needed in every home.

  1. Modern Boiler

This may seem like a given but some people still have that boiler that you have to turn the hot water on and off and that. It’s 2018 now, please upgrade.


2. Febreze

Not Oust or any other air freshener, FEBREZE. I’m telling you this thing does wonders, especially after you’ve taken a shit an uni and you want to mask the smell. I’m telling you this does the best job out of any other air freshener.


3. Right Guard

I’ve used a lot of sprays when it comes to antiperspirants and in my opinion this is the best one. I know others might have a different opinion but to me, this is the best one.


4. Cushelle

Formerly known as charming, this right here is the best toilet roll known to man PERIOD. Not only does it do the job very well, but it also lasts sooooo long, honestly. None of that ripping whilst you’re wiping your bum or double folds because its so thin and also doesn’t require an excessive amount of rolls to finish what you need to do. Honestly an amazing product.


5. Coconut Oil

KTC Coconut Oil 500ml | Sainsbury's

Hair growth? use coconut oil, moisturize skin? use coconut oil, want to know how hot it is outside? use coconut oil. Honestly coconut oil has so many benefits and can be applied in so many areas, this should be an essential item in every household.


I might come back and add other products but you can let me know what products or items you think are needed at home in the comments


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