Saturday 7th April 2018 (Oyinbo People Are Dirty)

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This was meant to be a journal (you know, what happened on this day) but it’s going to be a bit of a blog post as well. Do my black brothers and sisters remember when your parents would say like “you know oyinbo people are dirty……” with whatever they were going to say after, I would always take it with a pinch of salt. I mean I knew because you would get those people talking how they “don’t shower every day” (I know you guys heard a couple of people say that) or just some other madness, but I didn’t fully realise it until I came to university…

Oh. My. Fucking. Days. The amount of shit I’ve come across is a madness in uni. Stuff I’ve never even known about like ‘hoover’. ‘Hoovering’ is when if you spill your drink on the floor or wherever you have to suck it up from the floor or wherever. Now as disgusting as that is I just see it as ‘oyinbo banter’, which is on a completely different level to ‘normal banter’ so I didn’t really take it so deeply, but when it comes to things where I have to use in the same house, that’s when its a problem.

For the people that have been following me on Snapchat they know the amount of shit I have had to endure and till this day I fully do not understand it. When you get to a certain age you should just know to clean up after yourself if you’ve made a mess, it should just be a natural instinct. For you to make a mess, see you’ve made a mess, acknowledge the mess is there and just leave it, you’re clearly just a bastard or have no home training what so ever. I don’t know what it is and I know I can’t speak for all oyinbo people, but you know how we (black people) would get a rollicking for not taking out your cup or something small like that, but oyinbo people will be like “fuck you mum I don’t want to” (maybe the fuck you was a bit too much but you know… lol) and they’ll let it slide. Imagine if we (black people) did that, you wouldn’t even imagine doing it, I probably wouldn’t even be here to write this post.

I deleted my old snap otherwise I could have literally make a slideshow of all the disgusting shit I’ve seen since living in uni so here’s the only two images I have right now.

You’re probably thinking “how do I know that it’s just the oyinbo people”. Well, In my house there’s two bathrooms and toilets one for one side of the house and one for the other side of the house. Unfortunately I’m on the side with the oyinbo people and the see difference in cleanliness between my side and where the black people are is on opposite spectrum’s you wouldn’t even understand. In addition to that the hair texture is different so it’s easy to tell and when they’re not in the house none of that shit is there; clogging up the shower with hair, clogging up the toilet the sink with hair, hair on the toilet seat, urine on the seat, splashing water on the seat to clean the urine instead of wiping it with tissue, leaving the toothpaste in the sink, Spiiting in the toilet and not flushing it and there’s that nasty puddle thing just floating (I’ve actually caught this because I went into the toilet straight after), I could literally go on and on and on.

This is one thing I defo can’t wait to leave at uni, but it has defo fully opened my eyes to it on a bigger picture so “things” will be approached differently lol

P.S. I’m not saying every single oyinbo person is dirty and all black people are clean as I know that’s not the case (I don’t wan’t no problems lol), but the ratio is a bit mad still..

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