Usher & Alicia Keys

I’m going to share a story I wrote when I was like 7 years old. I’m not even going to correct the mistakes just so it’s authenticity is intact lol. I got the inspiration to write this from when I saw Usher and Alicia Keys video My Boo and I actually thought they were in a relationship, but anyway here it is lol.


One day there was a brown man named usher and had a son named Benjamin. Usher was going to a concert. Benjamin wanted to come Benjamin said can I come and have a seat at the front usher said yes. When usher and Benjamin where going to the limo usher saw a girl. Usher fell in love usher went to the girl they both said hello. Usher said what is your name she said alesha keys usher said that s a nice name alesha keys said what is your name . Usher said usher usher said would u like to come to my concert alesha keys said yes when they were there was a girl named beyonce when she saw usher she fell in love then beyonce went to usher then tried to kiss him Benjamin saw the action & told alesha keys she ran to usher s locker room then alesha said ****** then beyonce said you ***** then it was beef alesha slapped beyance went out of the room then they kissed and got married.

The End

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