My Top 10 Tracks Right Now #2


13. Lil Dicky (feat. Chris Brown) – Freaky Friday

I know it’s only meant to be 10 but I had to squeeze in a couple of tunes because they’re still being played consistently by me. This song always came up on the suggestions on YouTube and I would never click it but it was always there. So one day I thought “It must be a sign” so I finally did click it and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made to date. The video and the song  is hilarious and the concept is so kool and fits so well, especially with the cameo appearances of; DJ Khaled, Ed Sheeran and Kendall Jenner. I thought the generic DJ Mustard beat died out a while back but Lil Dicky certainly made it otherwise and with the help of Chris Brown has made a hit (his first top 10 billboard record) so shout out Lil Dicky on this banging tune.

12. Camila Cabello – She Loves Control

You don’t understand how much I rate this girl, to leave Fifth Harmony (who I love) and to go solo. It’s not just going solo but becoming so successful as a solo artist in the amount of time she has is incredible. The genre of music she makes isn’t even something I would usually listen to but the songs I’ve heard from her have been amazing. I just heard this today as I was writing this so it just had to go on this list.

11. Tyga – Train 4 This

From Tyga’s new album Kyoto, which is basically an R&B album (I think we know why), Tyga takes a different approach by singing and also dancing (which I was really surprised by lol). But its good track nonetheless, nothing too special but it’s still a good track to listen to.


10. Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin – I Like It

When I listened to this my instant first thought was it was going to be that Reggaeton stuff that’s been coming out recently and I was like “another one”, but then the beat dropped and I’m like “OK Cardi” the mixture of Reggaeton and Hip Hop is such a good fusion and something different so big ups to Cardi for this one


9. Cardi B (feat. Migos)

I haven’t actually listened to cardi’s album in full but I saw this come up on YouTube and with her connection with the Migos (Offset) I thought let me listen to it. Since then it has been on straight replay. Special mention has to go to Takeoff because he definitely took off. After being left off Bad and Boujie Takeoff has definitely shown his worth and this has definitely been his year in having the best verses out of the Migos.


8. 6ix9ine – BILLY


7. 6ix9ine – KOODA


6. 6ix9ine (feat. Fetty Wap & A Boogie) – KEKE


5. 6ix9ine – GUMMO

I never liked 6ix9ine in the beginning. I kept seeing and hearing that name everywhere so I decided to take a listen for myself and my first thought was “all he’s doing is shouting this is shit” and that was that from then, i didn’t even finish the song. Then I heard Fetty’s verse on KEKE and I was like “Raah, swear down Fetty” and from then I went on to go and listen to the song and I actually liked it. After rinsing out the song I decided to listen to his other singles and all of them hit lol. I don’t even remember the song I listened to in the first place and didn’t like but I like all of them now so it’s whatever. The beat to his songs is just so banging so you cant help but listen. Here I’ve ordered his singles from best to worst (in my opinion).


4. Tyga – U Cry

Again Tyga with the singing vibes of his new album Kyoto. I don’t know why but I really like this song, and though I am not as emotion as I used to be it does make me think of a ‘particular someone’ and the song is just really smooth.


3. Bhad Bhabie – I Got It

CASH ME OUTSIDE HOW BOU DAHHT. Danielle Bregoli AKA ‘Bhad Bhabie’ (pronouced bad baby) got put on from her appearance on Dr. Phil and becoming a meme all over social media. She has been signed to Atlantic Records and been making songs here and there, but I honestly didn’t know and I actually heard this song by accident. I was on SoundCloud listening to YBN Nahmir Rubbin Off The Paint and random songs started playing after that song, I wasn’t really bothered to change the songs so I let them play then this came on. Obviously I’m like who’s this because the beat was banging and once I found out who it was I was I was actually surprised because the song isn’t that bad. I mean she can flow on the beat and the beat itself is fire itself, the only downside I would say about this is her voice is a bit “whiney” and it could be changed (I should go on it to be honest), but apart from that I like the song lol.


2. Tyga (feat. Gucci Mane) – Sip A Lil

I swear people be sleeping on Tyga. This guy makes bangers and this is another one of them. I don’t know how to explain the instrumental but its just perfect and honestly the whole song is just a vibe, Tyga flows over the beat perfectly even though he’s singing, which is not what were accustomed with, with Tyga.


1. Drake – Nice For What

This has to be number one and is number one by a land slide. After Drake’s last album More Life not being as successful as the high Drake standards he has been setting (not that it wasn’t), the stuff he is putting out this year shows he is  definitely not playing this 2018. The Lauren Hill sample is just beautiful and shout out to Murda because he defo killed the beat. Drake also killed this song and this is definitely just a taster of whats to come in the future.

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