Photo of the Day


This photo of the day I want to talk about a bit. So I was on Instagram as you do (follow me here: and I’m scrolling through the explore page. One of the pictures I came across was this “real life vs Instagram” picture on this fitness feature page. The girl in the picture looked good so obviously I clicked on her profile and I found myself scrolling down and liking and saving nearly every picture (see below)

Truth be told, the only reason I ended up stopping is because I accidentally swiped off her page but whilst I was scrolling through admiring, it reminded me of this video AyyOnline made, and it’s just like why do all these fitness Instagram girls just focus on there bum, not that I’m complaining (how can I even complain lol) but as a page that is based of fitness, exercise and all that jazz, I’m sure that, that isn’t the only muscle in the human body that can be worked on. Even from the photos I saved you can see that the majority of the them are focused on her bum, even the videos showing a type of exercise is either a squat or a different variation of a squat, or even if it has nothing to do with the thighs or bum whatsoever the workout would be something that can still make the camera focus on that area. I mean keep doing your thing I love to watch and that but I’m sure there’s other things you can be doing.


Oh and you can follow her here if you want:

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