The King (I Guess That’s What I’ll Title It Lol)

Again here is another moist story from my younger days. This is kind of off topic but my mum used to force me to write stuff because she thought I was lazy. This story though has nothing to do with those times but yeah lol. And again I won’t take out the mistakes and that but don’t judge me lol I was a child.

Once upon a time there was a girl trapped in a castle. She cried for help but know one replied. Suddenly a man heard king Osi he ruled the town and cured people he was the was the only one that could save her, but what he didn t know that there was a fire breathing dragon. As he walked up the castle he saw a brown beautiful girl and said your fine the girl pleaded quick there s a dragon u better hurry climb up my hair . So king Osi climbed and climbed, as he got to the top the dragon was there he wasn t scared because he was so strong he fought the dragon hand to breath.
Because he is handsome and strong king Osi beat him in 5 seconds. The princess cried with delight thank you thank you but I said you shall be my new queen

And they lived happily ever after the end.

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