It’s actually hilarious looking back at stuff I wrote when I was younger. Please look at this stupid poem I wrote that makes no sense whatsoever lol. Also it’s so weird how now I actually like poetry because growing up, especially in secondary school I hated it because I could never make out what the author was saying, so it was really difficult for me to write about it or to even write a poem in the first place, but anyway here it is.

A poem


By Obi

Queen ,Queen why are you so mean give some help to those that need wee.
Come to my house and I ll show you the way although your going to have to pay.
Don t get cranky don t get mean £1.50 that s all I need that s a good price you know in mc Donald it s 50p.
Hmm that a price I can roller blades from toy s are made well that s it folks see you soon in at Christmas food.

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