Things I Hate That My Housemates Do

This isn’t to all of them but yeah, on to the list

1. Talk So Loud On The Phone

There’s this guy that’s in the room next to mine and he talks SSSOOOOOO LOUD on the phone. The thing that makes it even more annoying is his voice. It’s like this monotone eastern European accent and honest to God it drives me insane. Like imagine the Terminator was Polish and he spoke REALLY LOUDLY AAALLLL THE TIME no matter where he is in the house, fucking annoying.


2. Not Flushing The Toilet

The is pretty much self explanatory, no one wants to see shit in the toilet…


3. Not Cleaning Up Hair

This one should really be intertwined with the next one but this deserves its own light for me. Can someone please explain to me how hair gets on the toilet seat????????????? Even still just clean it up what’s wrong with you (I know it’s the guy that is next to me fucking dirty shit). Not even that but the shower as well. Here’s a fun fact, both the showers in the house are blocked and guess by what… Yes you guessed it by hair. I don’t want to see hair in the shower either (I don’t know where it’s from) just clean up your shit, I don’t understand


4. General Cleanliness

If you know me you know I’m not a over the top person, like crumbs on the table or something small like that honestly doesn’t bother me, but some of the things these people be doing is just criminal. How can you look at yourself in the mirror and know you’re a dirty fucker and be OK with it. I just don’t understand.


5. Using My Stuff

This one is probably the one that I hate the most. When you’re looking to make some food and you get into the kitchen and your stuff is at the side of the counter dirty when YOU ALREADY WASHED IT. First of all what possessed you to think you can use my stuff;

  1. you didn’t even ask 2.
  2. I don’t even know you like that for you to be using my stuff.

Not only that but also not even having the decency to wash it afterwards. Also do you know how many of my things have gone missing, honestly I now have one plate and a fork its actually unbelievable


6. Using My Cupboard

This has only happened this year but let me tell what happened. These girls moved in and decided to take my stuff out my cupboard and scatter it everywhere. Now I’m coming to make food and other peoples things is inside my cupboard, so after finding what is mine around the kitchen being the petty human I am I took all that stuff out and just put it in a bag and left it on the floor and put my stuff back. When they knocked on the door about the situation and we spoke she said “there was nothing in there” (which was a lie) but even still they keep using my cupboard when THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. Shout out to Janet though because at least she actually asked so its kool to me.


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