Top 10 High School Musical Songs

Before I start I would just like to say High School Musical 3 is shit and the second one is the best one.

1. Can I Have This Dance

This one right here has to be number one for me. Out of all the songs in High School Musical this is the best one and will forever be a classic to me. I was really late to watch High School Musical 3 (wasn’t really worth the wait to be honest) and at the time I was going through some shit with a girl and this song really resonated with me, all time favourite song.

2. Gotta Go My Own Way

This was my favourite song but then I watched High School Musical 3 and… well you know what came first. This is another song that just resonates with me so man (except me didn’t come back), but this right here is a banger and will forever be a classic.

3. Bet On It

Believe it or not this is motivational song for me. I listened to this sooo much so it has to be this high because I don’t feel its a classic like the others around it but it’s still my tune nonetheless.

4. Breaking Free

This is a all time classsic like real classic and maybe it should be higher up because of that but the other songs just do something to me that this song doesn’t do. But this song right here changed lives so it should always be put in high regard.

5.  Work This Out

This is just vibes, there’s nothing more I can say on this lol.

6. I Just Wanna Be With You

This song really grew on me. There isn’t that many memorable songs in High School Musical 3 and a lot of the singing segments were just repeats (especially this song), but it grew on me after a while and again it resonates with me.

7. You Are The Music In Me

I don’t know why but this song just makes me happy and although this is another song that has kind of slid down the charts for me it will always still a banger

8.  I Don’t Dance

I used to love this song when this movie came out and it was definitely top 3 in the movie for me but its kind of died down after a while for me but even still its still a vibe. Also on a side note am I only one who thinks Corbin Bleu sounds like Michael Jackson on this sometimes.

9. Start Of Nothing New

Ohhhh my days, I almost forgot about this song whilst doing this list. They definitely need to thank that guy because this moment definitely changed their lives. I don’t know why but all these songs are moments and these moments fit with with different moments in my life and each song literally puts me there.

10. Everyday

Number 10 was reaaalllyyy hard, it was between either this or Now Or Never and I just put this ahead because High School Musical 2 is better lol. Even whilst typing this I’m having seconds thoughts with not just this spot but the order of the other spots in the list, but I’m going to leave it now because I’ve already wrote it and I cant be arsed to change the order now lol.

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  1. This is such a great list! Thanks for taking me down memory lane, I might have to go listen to the soundtrack.

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    1. officialosi says:

      Than you!! And yhh it’s good to from time to time

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