Wimp That Can’t Sing

Last one from my younger days, another stupid story lol


One day there was a boy yeah he wanted to sing but he was a rubbish singer.
At school there was a audition to sing, he wanted to go so he entered it.
He sang so bad that he s own ears broke. Everyone laughed at him. He was so upset
He went to the doctors to get his ear done.
It was holiday everyone was playing and having fun but he wasn t he was too scared and embarrassed
To go out side. He was all alone in his room, suddenly his mum came in and said its all right there jealous
You can sing NO I CANT and cried the mum left.
But the next day he was not there he had gone they searched the whole house but he wasn t there.

His parents were so sad they cried the room out they drowned in the house luckily police came by and saw the house folding.
The boy decided to come home but when he got there he saw police lines and a grave, of his parents

The moral of this story is never go out without permission respect

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