Vintage Vagina

This is a list of women who are ageing like fine wine 40 years +

1. Halle Berry

Image result for halle berry

People that know me know my word for a good looking girl is “Halle Berry“. To me she’s just the queen of this.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Image result for jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez looks just as good as ever, ageing like fine wine

3. Kelly Rowland

Image result for kelly rowland

Kelly is the just Kelly isn’t it. even though she isn’t 40 plus she’s on her way to becoming vintage vagina.

4. Salma Hayek

Image result for salma hayek

I don’t know what it is but every time I see her in movies I always think she’s fine.

4. Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz Sexiest Dresses | Pictures | POPSUGAR Fashion

Basically the same thing as Salma lol.

5. Taraji P Henson

Image result for taraji p henson

The whole package.

6. La La Anthony

La La Anthony Heats Up Your Timeline Wearing A Sexy $120 Swimsuit From A  Black-Owned Brand | BET

I think La La is 38 but even still another one that’s on the way. I didn’t really know about her till like the Carmelo Anthony thing and people kept posting pictures of her on twitter like “How can you cheat on this”. But yeah from then I knew what time it is.

7. Alesha Dixon

Related image

Seriously, In secondary school I had the biggest crush on Alesha Dixon and at 39 (basically 40) she still looks as good as ever. She will always go down in my books.

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  1. They really all are very beautiful, no matter their age.


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