Fake Wedding

This story is about the time we planned a “wedding” for two people in our year in primary school. When I look back at it now I honestly swear it was so forced lol. I don’t even think they actually liked each other but we talked it up so much it just became to be lol.

Anyway the two people in my year were Kennedy and Angie and I would say we convinced them to like each other by continuously saying they did lol. Anyway Nathan (the mastermind of everything those times) decided to plan the wedding for these two. He literally planned out everything; venue, priest, bridesmaids, security etc. Obviously everyone put their little input into it but he did most of the work.

The plan was at lunch time (because it was the longer break) we would host the wedding in the wooden area in the playground and when lunchtime came along after finishing our sitting we proceeded with the “wedding”. Now getting Angie to the wooden area was fairly easy because she offered little resistance, but Kennedy was a different story. See Kennedy is Kenyan so he was fast as hell, I swear it took almost all of the lunchtime to actually get him in the wooden area permanently, every time we got him there or near the wooden area he would just run away again so all of that was a mission until we eventually got him in.

My job at the “wedding” was to be security because there was this girl no one liked and they didn’t want her to come in. After a while I got bored of keeping her out and plus I wanted to watch the “wedding” as well so I just went in the wooden area to watch so eventually she just ended up coming in because there was no one to keep her out. At the end of the “wedding” there was that classical line “You may now kiss the bride” and there was this looonggg pause and everyone was just there waiting, just as they were about to do it the bell rang for the end of break so that was the end of that for then.

But after school finished we were all outside the gates and Kennedy and Angie were there, boys with Kennedy, girls with Angie. Obviously we wanted them to finish what what started so we were pumping them up on each of our sides and then everyone just started chanting “Kiss, kiss, kiss” and then he grabbed he grabbed her face and just kissed her. The commotion that caused after lool, everyone was just going mad (including me). Then after everyone started chanting “again, again, again” and he delivered yet again and yet again everyone went mad, even the lollypop lady was there screaming at shit.

After all of that I went the long way home just so I could walk with the guys and speak to Kennedy on the way back because no one walked my way (that’s actually a lie but I didn’t see my friend that goes that way and I was too hyped to walk by myself). Anyway the next day the headteacher came into our class in the morning and somehow she knew EVERYTHING (It was definitely the lollypop lady, there is no other logical explanation). After lecturing us for the longest time we all (even the good people that had nothing to do with it) had no break for two weeks, but honestly it was worth it lol and those two did actually go out for a little while after that.

(Side note)

I remember though before that happened when Suzanah and Victoria told me she liked me, I didn’t really believe them at the time but when I spoke to her after it seemed believable by the way she was acting but I was an idiot back then (well I still am but I was an even bigger idiot back then) and that stuff wasn’t really on my mind, I cared about Yu-Gi-Oh and match attacks or whatever it was at the time lol so I didn’t address anything back then. She fine as hell now though and she’s happy with her boyfriend but I’m not really fussed about that so oh well.

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