My First “Girlfriend”

It’s not actually “My First Girlfriend” but more like “My First Encounter With The Opposite Sex” but let me tell the story.

Aight so boom. I was in year 10 (the later stages of it anyway) and I was on the way to my last lesson of the day. On the way to my lesson I saw my friend Vikram and we started talking then he started saying in this little silly voice “Someone likes you” and I ask him “Who is it,” he then he replies in the same voice “Her name begins with C.”

Now, the only person I could think of was Cordelia and I know damn well it wasn’t her. I was really thinking who it could be but I couldn’t think of any other girl with the name starting with the letter ‘C’ so I left and I was thinking “Ahh, it’s Vikram, he’s probably chatting shit anyway.” (which he did most of the time anyway lol).

Anyway I go to my last lesson and I’m leaving to go home with Quwaine and as I get to the last set of stairs to get the ground floor EVERY. SINGLE. BAIT (POPULAR). BLACK. GIRL. In my year is just waiting downstairs screaming my name next to the computer room (I’m going to call her Christina for this story) “Christina likes you,” “Do you like Christina” etc. Now I’m trying to get home and Quwaine keeps pushing me towards her and the crowd (I really don’t like attention so that shit was annoying me).

So I get home now and jump on Xbox as usual and me and friends are in a party talking about it and one of my friends was like “Don’t listen to her, she’s not a serious girl, she did it before etc.” and I was really thinking about it. So the next day rolls around and for some reason I just kept seeing her from that day and beyond. You probably thinking “Yeah, you’ve been going to the same school for 3 years (at that point anyway) and are in the same year” But honest to God I had hardly seen her in all my years of  being in that school, the only time she was ever in my class was in Design and Technology and that was in Year 7 and WE NEVER SPOKE and have never spoken to her, not even “you’ve dropped your pen,” literally no type of conversation whatsoever.

So anyway one break time Timi came to find me and he just says “Come” I’m thinking what’s going on but he’s just like “Come”. I follow we and we get outside and it’s Christina and her friend and although It was break it felt like we were the only one outside, there was literally no one near us. Then Timi began the “ceremony” with “Christina (two second pause), do you like Osi.” There was a short pause before she responded “Yeah” but he was so direct and serious with it lol. Then he turns to me and asks “Osi (two second pause), do you like Christina.” Now before I say, this thought had never crossed my mind in my life, I mean I’ve hardly seen this girl in my time here and we’ve never spoken to each other before, but I kind of felt “down the pecking order”. All the people around me had, had a relationship or ANY type of “something” with a girl and I had had nothing, like no one was checking for me (I don’t really know how to explain what I’m trying to say but I can feel it, hope you understood though) and I wanted that, plus she wasn’t ugly so in my head it was like “Wow, someone attractive actually likes me” (It was honestly an amazing thing for me as little as it seems as I grew up with a lot of shit, especially in secondary school and I grew up not liking myself and wished I was “different” but that’s another story) so I said “Yeah” then Timi says “It’s sorted now” but we just never spoke. It was so awkward especially for me, how can you just jump into a relationship with someone you’ve had no form of contact with at any level and honestly I was just not ready for any of that, I had serious social anxiety (I still do but it’s not as bad) and I wasn’t one of the bait (popular) kids and she was so all of it was wwwaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone. But honestly after this whole started people (more so the girls) that have never ever spoke or don’t usually speak to me all of a sudden started speaking to me (which I thought was kind of a bit shitty but it’s whatever) And kind of liked being “up there” because for all of my life I’ve just been tormented so it felt nice (even though it was because of her). After that “meeting” we would just say “hello” if we walked passed each other, it was still super awkward until something changed…

And you can find out what that is in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z 😊

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  1. ACountryBoy says:

    Enjoyed reading this.

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    1. officialosi says:

      Thank you! More to come

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