My First “Girlfriend” Part 2.

Picking up from where we left off from how everything changed ooooooooo…

There was a Physical Education (P.E.) Theory class that I had, which was my last lesson of the day on Fridays. In that class I sat at the back next to Jayed and… lets just call her Kim for this story. There was something on the board and we were writing it down and after a while Kim came to my side to continue writing it down on this plug thing we had in the school where it was this line of sockets on this rectangle thing that stood up (It’s really hard to explain) so she was there writing on this thing and at first I thought it was because she couldn’t see, (which wasn’t the case because her view was fine but let me tell the story) so after a couple of seconds she says my name and I respond “Yeah,” then she says “I have something to tell you” and I’m like “Yeah, go on then” then she replies “I don’t think I can tell you though,” so I’m like “You’re not serious then” and after that there was a little silence, then she asks me “Would you go out with me.”

You know when you’re not fully in the moment, like you’re there but you’re not there at the same time, as soon as she asked me that I woke up I immediately. I heard what she said but I wanted to convince myself it wasn’t true so I said to her “What?” and she said again “Would you go out with me,” and in the calmest way possible I just said “I don’t know.” BBBOOOOYYYYYYY the way I was waiting for the lesson to end after she asked me that because as soon as it did I left the class soooo quickly, and I was just thinking “There is no way I’m going out with this girl, I’m going to ask Christina out right now.” I swear I’ve never been so driven about anything in my life to that point. So I went to go find Timi (which I did pretty easily to my surprise) and when I did I asked him “Where’s Christina” and he’s like “Why,” and I told him “I’m going to ask Christina out.” And in a kool and calm manner he says “Calm, give me 5 minutes.”

Now you probably thinking “Wasn’t this sorted out before” but LITERALLY we weren’t speaking so it wasn’t exactly “Girlfriend & Boyfriend.” So he comes back in literally 5 minutes and he’s like “Yeah she’s upstairs go speak to her” and before that point I was not scared at all because I was so focused on not being in a relationship with Kim but with each step I took up those steps the fear just grew more and more and by the time I reached the top my heart was doing a maaaaaddddnneessss, but I’ve already committed to it now so I can’t back from it so I continued through the door where she was at and it was her with her two friends. As soon as I got there her two friends left like they knew what was going to happen (maybe Timi told them) and it was just me and her. I can’t explain to you how much I was dying inside but I kept my composure and just asked her the question and she said yes. We hugged, I left, I went to find Sanchez after booster class, and then we went home.

For some reason EVERYONE knew about us, literally everyone. Teachers, year below, year above, it was actually crazy. The next day I was walking from class and I saw Kim along the way and the first thing she said to me was “How come you didn’t tell me you were going out with Christina” and I replied “I didn’t think I had to,” then she goes on about how Christina said she can’t go out with me because of her Mum or something like that, then she starts saying “I’m your friend and I don’t want her to hurt you blah blah blah, so I’m telling you all of this so you wont get hurt blah blah blah, I know you’re feeling sad right now blah blah blah.” (it’s not blah blah blah but I just can’t be bothered to type the whole thing but you get the point lol) So after her long speech she asks “Do you want a hug” and I say “No” but she gives it to me anyway. It’s break time anyway so in my head I’m like let me go talk to Christina about it because in my mind she’s just saying shit because she wants to go out with me. So I find Christina with her friends and I tell her “Can I talk to you” so we kind of go to the side and then I ask her “What’s Kim talking about saying you can’t go out with me because of your mum or something,” then she’s responds in this quiet annoyed tone “Why is this girl chatting this shit to you” (along those lines anyway) and as she was just about to explain everyone started cheering. Now, we didn’t speak much but when we did it caused the biggest commotion ever, like BeyoncĂ© walked in the building or something, the teachers would think there was a fight going on something with all the noise lol. So after everyone calmed down she explained how she can’t have a boyfriend right now because she’s a christian and if her mum finds out she’ll get in trouble or something like that and I lowkey I was hurt by that but it’s whatever, kool.

I don’t really remember what happened next but there was always talking about the whole situation from her friends telling me “She still likes you” this and that and the mandem telling me shit like “she said she’ll let you beat (have sex with her)” this and that until it got to another point where I got her and asked to talk again. This time we were outside and I said a whole lot but all I remember saying is “We just need to speak more,” and as I finished I looked back behind the bench we sitting on and the WHHHOOOLLLEE YEAR was there watching with there phones out and taking pictures and videos and I didn’t even realise. The amount of questions I got on the way home that day oh my days lol.

Fast forward from there we still wouldn’t speak apart from a quick hello, and honestly it was just waaay to awkward on both sides for any type of breakthrough to happen, and just like I mentioned earlier you can’t jump start a relationship with someone when you never even spoke to the person ever in the first place, it’s just not going to work.

All of it continues throughout the rest of the year and though we tried to speak through text and other people during the summer holidays nothing ever came from it. And before the new school year rolled through that whole thing was dead but people were still dragging it along throughout the whole year with their jokes and shit.

I’m not going to say what happened in the new school year because it was really shitty and I don’t want to talk about it anyway.

I actually ended up catching feelings for her in the middle of that and it took me over a year to get over that.

I’ve seen her on minor occasions since all of that (even though it’s been years since) and we just say “Hey, how are you” and keep it moving. No problems.

Do we class that as a relationship? No. But I do feel like there should be a moral to this story but I can’t think of one, so I’ll let you guys decide.

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