Top 10 Tracks Right Now #3


10. Ne-Yo, Bebe Rexha & Stefflon Don – Push Back

This was meant to be in my last Top 10 but I forgot to put it in. Ne-Yo has kind of disappeared for a bit but this right here is a banger. With the dancehall vibes and the lively video and features really giving the song that ultimate feel and vibe.

9. Chris Cash – Dreams

I saw this song on twitter and ever since then I’ve been looking for it for aaagggeeess until another one of his videos rapping popped up on my timeline recently so it was just a “Finally it’s him” moment. From first glace you would think this would be cringey as hell (It’s because he’s white, i’m sorry) but he flows so well on it and this song is sooo much of my vibe so it’s definitely top 10.

8. Ay Em (feat. Afro B & Geko) – Come To Me

I heard this from an American girl reacting to UK music (I would have linked her channel if I remembered it) and this was one of the songs she reacted to, and although it has the same “sound” like most things that are coming out of the UK recently its still a vibe

7. Yxng Bane – Vroom 

This is another “one” from Yxng Bane and to me I think he is so talented but he needs to add a lot more to his CV just coming out with a FULL PROJECT because I honestly feel he should be waaayy bigger than what he actually is right now. Hopefully this song can be the building block for that  continuing to grow in his career.

6. Yogi, Maleek Berry & RAY BLK (feat. Kid Ink) – Baby

I heard this by accident (you know how YouTube be doing autoplay) and instantly it just stuck with me. I don’t know the artist Yogi but the sample on the track and the party upbeat vibe makes it a one to listen for those turn up times.#

5. RAYE, Maleek Berry, Nana Rouges – Confidence

Kind of a similar vibe to previous song, but just on a side note I just want to say that RAYE’s Side Tape EP is amazing (apart from Decline because I don’t like that song) and I’m so happy for her. She has such an amazing voice and it’s able to like adapt to any type of beat (don’t really know how to explain it). This song is chill but yet it’s still up tempo so its just an all year round tune.

4. EO – German

I alllwwaayyys saw this song on suggested whenever I was listening to music on YouTube and I would never click on it because A. I thought it was going to be a generic “Look at my car” type song (which it kind of is) and B. Because I didn’t know whether it was good or not and I didn’t want to waste my time finding out so I stuck to the songs I know until one day I decided to give it a chance because I got tired of listening to the same songs. When I played it through once it was on repeat for a hooootttt minute, plus the song is catchy too so its just a vibe.

3. B Young – Been Wavey

I heard this before a long time ago but I only played it once and never listened to it again (I don’t know why) but I heard it again from somewhere recently and I was just like “Yoooo, this a tune” and ever since its been my “new song” even though it came out a while back. The instrumental is so mesmerizing and the B Young is dropping the melody on it is perfect.

2. Ramz – Family Tree

This would have been number one if I did this a bit earlier but the number one track fits my mood more sonically so it’s literally been on repeat. Some of my friends think I hate on Ramz but I don’t and I know he receives a lot of hate (Live vocals and etc.) but I just honestly think Barking is a shit song. It was just everywhere so much it just stuck with you and Power is a kool song. When this came out I clicked on it so fast because I want him to “show me something” and to my surprise I really liked the song and I honestly feel Ramz is an inspiration to make it with nursery rhymes making me think I can do it as well.

1. Asco – So Litt

This song is heaavyyy and is definitely number one for me. This was another I saw from that Americans girl reaction video and it feels like Skrapz song and the song has that heavy sound that I don’t know how to explain it properly. It has that mysterious vibe to it, honestly I’m chatting so much shit lol but it just gives me a certain feeling I cant explain, and even though I do not relate to any of lyrics whatsoever you feel like that guy lol.

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