Full Circle

This is like a poem/rap but yeah, here it is

They say home is where the heart is, I guess I’m homeless and heartless trying to get back to where I started
Feeling stressed out so I roll a lot, room filled up with smoke and pot, hope the cops don’t knock
Couple hits now I’m slumped, the boys been hitting up from that bong
Now I’m chilled out though my lungs are gone, but I least I can forget about what went wrong
I failed, or maybe it was meant to be, but from my view all my friends are living gratefully, how can you envy me?
Got me looking to sky thinking how they be thinking the best of me, am I meant to be?
Is she meant for me? Though she only girl that’s shown me successfully
Brown skin girl you look so heavenly, they say chocolate is the perfect remedy, mind what you telling me?
“Hear what I’m telling you, because what I’m gonna say is gonna break you through, you got things in place and you know it’s true, look at all the great people that got love for you, and though you’re down in the dumps you’re talents shinning through, now let me tell you what you really got to do”
And just as I’m hitting my epiphany, the Mary Jane starts creeping out sneakily
Now my conscious is taking over mentally
Got me remembering my failures and no destiny
Now I’m back where I started mind what you telling me
Do I have a real purpose whats my destiny?
“Hear what I’m telling me, this is really you. All your hopes and dreams will never ever be”
And for you I wish to be victor of the duel
Full circle of my mind homeless heartless fool

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    1. officialosi says:

      , you so fine. Thank you for starting my sentence 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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