Really I’m the Plug Ep. 21

Really I'm the Plug

Again with Chip (yeah I know) with the next song from him being Superstar

This is such a throwback oh my days and it reminds me of school days at Petchey. During this time Chipmunk (known as at the time) was receiving a lot of hate because he started off doing grime music and when he became mainstream he switched to making pop music. No lie I didn’t really know about him in the past (because I never had Sky to be watching Channel U and that) apart from that Muhammad Ali tune. When he did break through I still liked some of the songs he was putting out and this was one of them. I think when I first heard this I was really down so it really matched my mood and stuck with me. In the song Chip is basically describing his journey to stardom, which you can take a listen to here.

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