NCS – The Challenge

This story is about how I got a warning on The Challenge. Now you’re probably thinking “it’s just a warning” but to actually get a warning on The Challenge is an incredible feat because it’s literally impossible, so it’s got to have been something really, really big.

During whatever year at college (I can’t remember) I went on the challenge. I don’t really know how to explain what it is so I’ll just copy and paste what is says on the website “The National Citizen Service (NCS) helps build skills for work and life whilst taking on new challenges and meeting new friends.” I guess that’s pretty much it, just put in a vague manner.

Anyway I went on the autumn version which isn’t as long as the summer one, but it’s just as good nonetheless. The time I got the warning was on this part of the trip which I’ll quote from the website: “In Week 2, experience independent living whilst learning new skills in creative communication and enterprise with an industry professional. Get involved for your chance to apply your skills with a local charity or organisation to discover what you’re made of!,” so let me explain the story from that point.

So we were on the coach on the way to the hostel where we were going to stay (not where you fuck prostitutes I know how some of you people think) and one of my friends had E&J in a lucozade bottle. He was passing it around and at the time I was 16 years old so I’ve never drank any type of alcohol before (apart from small, small champagne during new years eve/ day). I was just happy to be part of the gang so yeah I had some (and to be honest it wasn’t that bad), but anyway Samir the guy that was passing it around wanted to go out because it was Halloween (God knows where) but we were all down regardless so he asked the mentors if we could go and obviously the answer was no. Not going to lie he was so pissed about that for literally the whole ride until we got into our room.

We had little groups within the boys and girls because there was only a certain amount of beds in a room. We had the the biggest room because we had the most people in our group and it was always a vibe in our room; we would stay up late (even though 10:30 was bedtime) playing cards, talking about girls, whatever it was it was always a vibe in our room. So anyway we just got in the room and we pick our beds and put our stuff away and Samir opens the window which was really high you had to climb on the bunk bed to open it, even my tall ass couldnt reach up there. So as he opens the window he looks out and exclaims “Yooo, there’s a balcony out here”. it wasn’t really a balcony, it was the roof of the floor we were on of the building (I don’t really know how to explain it) but there was soooooo much space. next thing you know he says “I’m jumping out” and in shock I’m like “What?” and just as i said that he jumps out looks around for a little while and jumps back in and says “we’re going to have our Halloween party out there, we’ll tell everyone and will just do it on the balcony” I was just like “Yeah, kool” but I was a bit skeptical about it because I didn’t want to get in trouble. We just got in and me being me I wanted to explore so I went to visit other peoples rooms and Samir went about telling people about his plan. After a while we all got called start planning for one of our projects in a hotel and somehwere along the way I got pissed of at something (which I can’t remember) so I was really moody in the hotel and by the time we got back I was just laying in bed alone whilst everyone else was downstairs. Whilst I was upstairs in my room Georgia kept pestering me on my phone to come downstairs and after a while with Leon my other room mate I dragged myself downstairs meeting Asseef (I think that’s how you spell his name) along the way to the lunch room.

We get to the lunch room and right at the door we’re greeted by this girl Ceyda and her friend who were part of another group doing The Challenge staying at the same place. Ceyda then says to us “I’m giving everyone a kiss that comes past can I give you guys one?” Me, Leon and Asseef just begin to look at each other and then Leon finally says “ok yeah.” She then gets out this lipstick from her pocket and begins applying it on her lips proceeding to give Asseef a kiss on the cheek, then Leon one on the cheek, then with me she gives me one on the cheek but then she goes “Oh wait it didn’t leave a mark let me do it again” and she then begins to apply the lipstick again and gives me another peck on the other side of my cheek. Baring in mind Leon and Asseef have already left so its just me and her and shes there talking to me with the normal stuff you know “what Jordans are those, we both got on Jordans” “Where you from,” all of that stuff. She obviously liked me but I was so pissed off I didn’t care and to be honest I didn’t even like her like that. So after a while Georgia found me and called me to come over so I told Ceyda I’m going to my friends I’ll see you later. So I’m chilling there for a bit with lipstick on my cheeks (yes both cheeks, she just wanted to kiss me again) till we got told to leave and as I’m leaving she follows me and asks me if i would like to see her room and I’m like “Yeah kool.”

Now boys weren’t allowed in the girls room and vice versa, but I already visited every girls room from my group went I went to explore so it was just whatever for me. The girls rooms were one floor above ours so as I was walking up casually I got stopped by this woman just standing in front of the door to get through to the rooms just staring at me not saying a word. At the time didn’t know who she was and I genially thought she was a girl from the other group just taking the piss. So I’m looking at her thinking “What are you doing just move out of the way” and then she goes to me “What do you think your doing” and I respond to her “I’m going upstairs” and she doesn’t even say a word and just continues staring at me, and after a while I realise she’s one of the mentor from the other group so with dumb look on my face I proceeded to go back downstairs and guessed who followed me down, you guessed it Ceyda.

So we get to my room and we just talking in front of my door whilst it’s open and everyone is just coming through and jumping out the window, literally everyone from both groups. I was low key scared to go but the way everyone was flying out the window it looked to good to miss out so in the middle of Ceyda’s sentence I interrupted her saying “I’m going to go outside so ill talk to you later” and I climbed up the bunk bed and jumped out the window. Booooyyyy when I tell you that shit was lit, literally everyone was there, (well everyone that was bad enough to be there) so I’m there enjoying myself talking to everyone and that, and not even up to 5 minutes I got there all hear is someone scream “TEACHER!!” The way everyone began to scatteeerrrrr, the first thing I see is Samir jump up that same window and when back into our room and I tried to do the same thing but I could not get myself up there. I’m thinking how the fuck did he manage to do that (that’s how you know he be jumping fences and that on the regular). So I’m desperately looking around and everyone is going back to their rooms through different  places and I’m panicking so I keep trying to get through our window but I just can’t do it. By the time I turn around everyone is gone and it’s just me outside and in my head I’m like “Fuck, I’m going to get into so much trouble,” My heart starts beating even faster whilst I’m looking around in despair and that’s when…

Find out what happens next on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z

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