Tuesday 15th May 2018

I’ve just woke up from a nap and usually after sleeping you feel better but I feel worse. I wasn’t even upset about anything but I just feel extremely bad and I have no idea why. Ever since this thing happened the complete numbness to everything is starting to fade away and I’m starting to care about things that I shouldn’t be worrying about. I believe my gut instincts are 100 and I’ve been hit with so many different things so many times I can notice the slightest thing a lot more sooner. I don’t know why but I’ve began to overthink immensely again and maybe it’s just me but I’m noticing a change in behavior in someone and it follows a trend I’ve seen throughout my whole life. I don’t want to be to skeptical about it but like I said my gut instinct is always on a 100 but I’ll just leave it to see how it pans out because maybe it might just be me but…

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