NCS – The Challenge Pt. 2

Picking up from where we left off… that was untiillll… Nick popped his head out one of the windows and “whisper shouted” “Osi, come through here.” Boy did he save my life because I thought I was a goner. So I go through the window and in the room was; me, Nick, Leon, Amira and his other roommates (can’t remember their names) and I was like “kool let’s go back to our rooms,” because I thought everything was fine now, then Nick replies “Noo, let it cool down for a sec. Just chill here for a bit,” which was smart because Amira was here and girls aren’t supposed to be in boys rooms and vice versa. So we’re all chilling in Nick’s room talking for a while until we all went back to our rooms and from that moment our room was under heavy surveillance bbboooyyyyyy, and just to make matters worse the window we used to jump out got stuck so we couldn’t close it, the room was hella cold.

As I climbed up to try and fix the window I noticed there were two people chilling outside on the “balcony” and just as I noticed them two random mentors walked straight into our room asking me why I’m up there. I responded telling them the window is stuck and I’m trying to close it. The female one then asks me if she could then see. Now, these two guys were still out there so in my head I was just thinking we’re fucked. I took the longest time coming down, stalling for every precious second. As I finally got down she she climbed up and looked outside in every direction like an owl and thankfully to my surprise no one was there, after her “surveillance” she then she tried to close the window and just as I said she could see it wasn’t closing so she went “Hmph” and her and the other guy began to walk out our room.

Anyway it gets to bedtime and after so much heat on our room we can finally chill but Samir has other plans. He starts plotting his new one telling us we were all going to go out the window again at around midnight or something for the “proper Halloween party”, I was down because I didn’t get to enjoy the previous session for long enough and he then began messaging everyone about what was happening and began rolling joints for the event. He was literally spraying Lynx every 2 mins to mask the smell of the weed, I cant remember how many he managed to roll up, but as he was in the middle of rolling up another one we began to hear a struggle at the door.

Now there were key cards at each door to get in and there was two for each room. In my room me and Leon held both of the key cards, but I had no idea the mentors had one as well. so after scuffle outside our door all you see is EVERY. SINGLE. MENTOR roll up in our room like police, even the ones from the other challenge group who I didn’t even know. After their theatrical entrance they all began to walk in so calmly, Samir had already hidden the weed under his cover by this point and it was just complete silence for a couple of seconds until one of them asks us so calmly “Why is your window open” I then replied because no one was saying anything “Because we cant close it.” She slowly walks to the window and tries to close it and of course she can’t. She then comes down and nods her head in approval and again another wave of short silence filled the room until she says calmly again “I know you got weed in here.” We all just look at each other in silence whilst I’m just thinking in my head how the hell they could have known, because there’s nooo waay she could have smelt it in the room or outside the door for that matter. Anyways everyone was just still silent until she asks again calmy and quietly “Listen, i know you got weed in here and it’s either you give it to me now or all of you are in trouble,” Samir then speaks up and says “I have it” and begins to hand her some of the ones he rolled up, but he kept two under his cover and before leaving the lead mentor of our group tells us she wants to speak to all of us in the morning.

They finally leave and we discussing how the hell they knew about all of it and during the middle of the conversation one of the kool mentors come back into the room and gives us this speech of “how disappointed he is” and “how he gave us leeway when we were meant to be sleeping” and after he leaves we came to the conclusion that someone most have told the mentors because there’s no other possibility.

Anyway it’s morning and we’ve just woken up and we begin to get ready to go down and have breakfast. I saw Ceyda as she was leaving the lunch room and she was telling me I was rude because I left in the middle of the conversation, but that doesn’t matter anyway. Samir was in a room having a meeting with the mentors around this point till I went back upstairs to our room with Leon and realised Samir was on the “balcony” with Amira and a couple other people, so I jump out with Leon and we ask him what happened and he tells us “You guy’s are fine, I told them it was all me” and I then asked him what’s going to happen to him and he responded saying “They’re kicking me out.” So we were all there talking about it and was just before we were leaving the hostel to go to our next place on the coach and just before we left to get on we were all embracing him and saying our goodbyes and he made his way home by himself from there.

When we got to our next destination the rest of us in the room had one on one sit downs with the mentors and they were saying how they would have sent us all home but because Samir came forward saying it was just him they’re just going to give us a warning. They then handed this sheet to us where we had to write down our name and stuff, it was kind of like a statement/ incident sheet. I finished the sheet and just I was about to leave one of them asked “What are you going to do if this happens again” and I’m looking at her like what, then I say to her “What do you mean, what can I do.” She then repeats the question and I just say to her “Tell one of you what’s going on” and she just smiles and says “That’s right,” I left that room knowing damn well I wouldn’t say a single thing if that happened again, I ain’t no snitch lol. And from then I continued with the activities and graduated from the challange,

but yeah… that’s how I got the warning.

It was a great experience nonetheless and I would recommended it to anyone who is of age to do it 😊

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