Really I’m the Plug Ep. 22

Really I'm the Plug

I really want to wrap up with Chip so I’m going to put three songs from his last mainstream album Transition, which are



Take off (feat. Trey Songz)


Pray For Me

I really think this is an underrated album and although it didn’t do as good as his debut album I actually think it’s better. It has this blend of “Mainstream pop/ Meaning full Hip-Hop” (don’t really know how to explain it), and although there are other songs I could have put here this series is about shedding light on the lesser known songs and these three are the ones that really stand out for me with my personal favorite being Take Off featuring Trey Songz. Again, all these songs have that “blend” that I mentioned before and I think it works really well, with each telling their own story. You can take a listen to the songs here, and don’t worry next episode it’ll definitely be a new artist.

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