The Worst (Inspired By Jaden Smith)

Listen close what I say to you
Someday we will make it through
And laugh ‘bout the past issues
That was back in the days
No one cared about me or you
Hanging with misfits ain’t no way “we were ever kool”
But now you’ve been bringing out me a different poet
My monogamy is ringing coz you’re calling
Can’t you see it showing
If you don’t here I’ll really show it
Demons just crept into your mind, God will solve it even for a moment
Coz your body’s a chapel, just godly, just like an arch angel
What they want is just so sinful, I’ll never resent you
Don’t even listen to these pimps, they’ll forever neglect you
Said you wanted to go out we should probably hit Nando’s
And I went through probably all of your pictures on Insta
And I’m telling you that I love you tap twice with my finger
I can’t express it through all my stressing and adolescents
Same with you
In need of a doctor to come asses us
I’m sick of guessing
I’m sick of stressing, I’m sick of dreading
Let’s make us present, get undressed
Till we fill the presence, like girl I can feel your presence
And just like my therapist can I book a session?
Baby girl it’s unbearable with all this distance
And we got to be quiet because our parents listening
But screw this I’m sick of missing
Like baby I’m on a mission
Every time we away we casually reminiscing
Our practice is repetition…

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