My Fineapple (Inspired By Wale)

I’m trying take you places your mind couldn’t imagine
So out of this world you couldn’t even fathom
I ain’t no tiger but I’m sure I’ll admire the taste whilst you graze my arms screaming hymns all in the place
And I will never pull rank unless it’s the stripes below your waist

My Fineapple

I’m trying to make you reach things you think is unobtainable
When I’m watering your garden, God damn nature is so incredible
You be the captain of my ship, I swear you got me hooked,
Got me treasuring your chest just to get a closer look
I want to see you set sail before I shoot another cannon
Because just like the plank every board needs a balance

My Fineapple

I’m trying to break your walls down so my mind might have you
You play a star role in my imagination
So let’s redesign foreplay when I hit play and put your star role in action
You a star and I’m the only son that’s matching
You bring a supernova that comes like no other
And if it’s not this time it’s definitely aligned for another
So if it’s no baby, it’s progress baby
So let it drip baby, till it don’t baby
Till it’s it baby, till it is baby…

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  1. officialosi says:

    Reblogged this on OUKASnation and commented:

    I think this is amazing, and it didn’t get the light it deserved, so I’m re-blogging it again 🙂


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