My First Time

I don’t think this is a story worth telling but it’s a milestone in every persons life so here I am telling y’all the story lol

I could literally tell you the exact date but I would have to go back and work it out and that’s long and not even important, but what I can tell you without thinking is that it was in January in year of 2015.

This was around the time I got the hang of approaching girls (mostly thanks to Brandon and alcohol) So just like any club night me and Brandon would go around trying to catch whines and that from girls. So  me and him are going around doing our thing, moving from girl to girl and everything was going really well until I get to this one girl (I’m not going to say her name because this post goes on my twitter and some people would know who she is). So we’re on the dance floor dancing for tiiiiiimmmeeee and in the back of my mind I was thinking I want to move on to another girl now, but at the same time I was like I don’t have to put in anymore work so I might as well chill here.

So I chilled with her all the way up to the slow jams (doing “in the club stuff”) and by this time the night had come to an end and Brandon was God knows where at this point so it what just whatever, I’ll see him when I see him.

So we both leave the club together and a we’re walking out holding hands, and as we walking down my two friends Aaron and Rahul are leaning on the fence outside the club nodding their head smiling as I’m walking past. Now the direction home is usually left for me but on this occasion we went right so instantly my first thought was “We’re going to fuck” and that thought kept replaying all the way to her place. During the journey to hers my heart was beating extremely fast lol and I was low key scared, it wasn’t until we got to the gate to her accommodation the fear really began to set in and the chants of “We’re gonna fuck” started to become louder and faster, but on the surface I was playing it so kool, which I was doing pretty well if I do say so myself.

Now this girl had an attitude I’m not going to lie and I had to match that because I ain’t no bitch lol, but as we were walking up to her room she was continuously chatting shit about “why you here,” “why did you follow me,” “why did I let you in” and all that. So we get to her room and the first thing she does is go to the toilet (you know girls always have to do that before the thang, thang) and immediately when she comes out she continues complaining. Me not trying to be a push over tells her in her “attitude tone” “Why did you let me in then, let me out.” Then she just stares at me for a couple of seconds then kisses her teeth and replies in the same tone “That’s so long ugh, fine then, I don’t even know why you came here anyway,” still chatting shit on the way down outside.

So we going back and forth until we get in front of the gate of her accommodation and she’s just standing staring at me, then I tell her in an aggressive manner “The gates right here you know I’m about to leave, are you sure you want me to leave.” Then she just looks at me in silence, and after a couple of seconds she grabs me and we start kissing then we make our way back upstairs.

I can’t even describe to you how scared I, but like I said I had to play this kool like I’ve done this a 1000 times before and when she turned off the light I knew what time it was so there wasn’t any turning back now. So we on the bed kissing and all that other stuff (I’m not going to get to graphic lol), then we start removing the clothing and just before “the moment” I have to cut to a side story. A couple months before at Callice Court, (which is a Uni accommodation at my university) we were all talking about sex, well when I say we I mean them because I hadn’t done anything and one of my friends was talking about how its hard to “get it up” when you’ve had a lot to drink a lot. At the time I thought this guy was chatting the most shit but at that very moment I felt exactly what he was talking about (and I actually searched it up, apparently its true due to the nerves or something), in my head I’m was like “Raah whats going on,” but after a while I managed to get the thing up to handle business and we ended up doing the damn thing lol. I’m not going to sit down here and explain everything that happened in detail what happened and what happened after but you get the picture lol.

Anyway morning came and I went to meet my friends to go get food because I was so hungry then I went home and that’s the story of my very first time



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