Photo(s) Of the Day (My Life)

I was meant to write about this a long time ago when Kanye was wilding out (as usual) but I was procrastinating on it. I should have did it then because I was feeling a certain type of way and this was bringing out a certain type of feeling. I feel I would have wrote this differently then but it doesn’t matter, what does matter though is how I interpreted each of these tweets to my life and I’ll go through each on individually.


I always felt that I always used to keep things bottled up or always just think something when instead I could just ask the question and stop the thinking “Do you like me or not?” “Why did you do this?” “I feel like this.” It’s a lot more peace for yourself to just go and get the answer instead of making things difficult for yourself, but lately I’m kind of just letting it be and sucking up whatever you’re feeling because more time than not they’re going to lie to you or just tel you what you want to hear.



A little bit linked to the first one with not just asking but all the things that “you can’t do” is most times because you won’t even try because you’ll think you’ll fail. Growing up I was told a lot of things, which have stuck to me to this point and there’s some mental barriers that I can’t cross and in reality there isn’t a reason for it. I don’t really know how to let go so all the things said to me sticks with so when it comes to most things I instantly tell myself “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do it” when I should go for it because I’ll probably be incredible at it



This is funny because “The Overground Hell Road” to me is the journey I have to take to reach where I’m going to be. My life has and is still hell but it’s something that’s happening on the surface and what starts is the journey through this hell called my life to reach the other side.



To be honest he is right it’s always about the past. I feel even the idea of future thinking no matter how wacky it may seem breeds a different type of thought process and can be beneficial to me but many children in schools.



Forgetting what he said about “400 years of slavery was a choice,” just the mentally imprisoned bit. I am and have been mentally imprisoned for almost all my life and It’s only recently that I’m slowly crawling out of it but I’m still there and I have a long way to go. I feel for me this has been mostly down to my Mum and I’ve been carrying it to this point. I should not be scared to to try something unorthodox because “she doesn’t want me to” or another case of hers and I really to break out of these shackles and go out and just do it!



My interpretation doesn’t really have anything to do with race issues, its more the fact that we need to think about new things to expand conversations on different things. Whether it’s race, politics or the environment. But more so to my life I think it’s about trying to new things with an open mind, which could probably spring board me to where I need to be, instead of just thinking about practical shit that or something I’ve done already, which means nothing to me so it’s not stimulating.



This is to anybody going through anything and making this personal to each and everyone of you WE WERE POWERFUL AT ONE POINT. There was a point in life I had so many hopes and dreams but along the way of life they all seemed to disappear.

If we can do something once we can do it again and it’s all about getting that power back, actually it’s not even about “getting it back” because it’s always there it’s just become dormant from everything that’s happened. It’s more about re-activating that power and letting that guide/ lead us



This for me links with multiple tweets in this post but for me (especially the age I’m at) I don’t really have time anymore because University has finished and now it’s time for “Life.” I’ve been in this cage so long (not by fault) but now it feels I have to break about because I have no choice to, but as I’m breaking out slowly now I feel i should have tried to a long time ago. I mean I did but I don’t think I was strong enough to and maybe if I was things would have been a lot different right now and I would have had a head start on myself.


Hopefully I can become someone to myself, which is the main thing because I’ve always felt I’m a failure and I’ve had to please my mum. She might have good intentions but she didn’t go about in the way she should have (to me) but I don’t even need much honestly. Just as long as I’m happy doing whatever it is and I can look after myself I can truly say I’ve made myself free and I’m looking forward to my “Overground Hell Road” before I reach my destination


P.S. I didn’t proof read this so if there’s mistakes I’m sorry


Big Os

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