Yooooooo This drink is fucking amazing and I swear when I’m rich I’m going to endorse this drink because it definitely needs more love.

I’ve never tasted alcohol that’s actually nice and the fact the bottle is still 37.5% makes it even more mind blowing.

I got the bottle when I was trying to find that Capriccio Bubbly Sangria, but they were out of stock (from the social media frenzy). I wanted to get something new (because I’m tired of Ciroc to be honest) and the bottle looked real pretty like the girl that I’m trying to wife so it immediately stood out for me, in addition to that I’ve never seen it in the UK so it was something new to try.

As I was explaining before the drink is amazing and sooo smooth so it goes down really well. What I like most about the drink is that it gives you a different type of wave that I’ve never experienced before. We all chat a lot of shit when we’re really drunk and think a lot of crazy things, but for me after drinking this I really started thinking about life in such a fantastic way and not a disorderly drunk way lol. Maybe it’s the scenery of Miami that’s giving me this outlook, but I just began to think about how amazing this would be for me to live like this; the amazing view, this life, this feeling, being in Miami gives you this amazing feeling like you’ve actually made it in life and looking from the view I have where I’m staying just makes me so happy that I want this for myself for real.

Another thing I thought that was brought about indirectly by my cousin was pride and after thinking about it I realised that it’s not a real thing. Whatever means you wish to do something you should do it. No matter how it “seems” to other people (unless it’s like killing or something crazy like that). An example of this is if you’ve fallen out with your friend over whatever the case may be and during this “silent period” you want to speak to them but your “pride” won’t let you because you feel it will “make you this” or the you think the other person may think “you look like that” or because you think they were in the wrong so they’re the one that should reach out first. When you really think about it, it’s actually idiotic and the only real loser here would be you and it’s sad, I mean understand falling out for something serious like cheating but something small can always be sorted out unless one person is just not willing to cooperate. A prime example is DJ Khaled, do you know how many times he had to ask JAY-Z feature before he actually got one. A lot of people wouldn’t even ask twice because of pride “Am I dickhead to ask more than twice,” bruh, if you want something keep doing whatever till you get it, even the way Khaled lives and his silly dancing and him recording his wife shutting him down all the time he’s fully living his truth so to other people he would seem like clown, because it’s him you just say “That’s DJ Khaled.”

Don’t let this false image of pride stop you from doing certain things for your own need or want because you’ll be feeding your ego in such a negative manner.

However you deem fit to go about doing something or pursuing someone do it and don’t let “pride” become a factor because its not real.

Live Your Truth

Big Os

P.S. I’m definitely bringing a bottle back with me to the UK

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