I don’t really think this is a story worth telling but its going to be last for a while (well a proper story about a moment in my life) until I make new memories. After this I’m going to move on to short stories and something new I’ve been keeping under wraps, but let’s start with this story.

Around this time last year I went to America as well and me and my cousin went to Orlando. In Orlando we went to Sea World (which was shit apart from the ribs lol) and we went on a roller coaster. Now as you all know when you do go on a roller coaster they have these baskets or whatever where you put your stuff before you get on the ride and once the gate opened for us to get on I went straight to the basket and put all my stuff in it. My idiot cousin decided the only important item that he needed to put in the basket was his $10 sunglasses.

You can already guess what happened but during the ride his keys and wallet fell out and his phone almost followed with it, but he managed to grab it before it fell. So we leave the ride and he’s checking his pockets for his keys and wallet and of course it can’t be found so we get our stuff from the basket and proceed to check the nets below the ride. We managed to find his keys and bring it down but the wallet was nowhere to be found and when he tried to call an Uber back to our hotel it wasn’t working. I had just bought Raybans for almost $200 so my money was sooo low

(But they look good right)

and at the time I only had 14% on my phone so from then on I was the one that had to pay for the travelling.

So we get to the hotel and we try the key on the car and it refuses to start at all, apparently something popped out of it when it dropped on the floor but the key would just not start the car. So my cousin called ford to take a look at it and for some reason they could only take one person to the Ford place so I had to stay at the hotel. After the loongest time waiting outside because we had to leave that day he came back and we ended up going to a different hotel where we waited for our uncle to drive all the way from Tampa Florida to bring the spare key for the car and once he did we made our way to Ford place.

Thankfully that key worked and we drove back to the hotel and checked out immediately to drive back home.

The moral of this story is that my cousin is an idiot and when you go on a roller coaster put your stuff in the basket provided before getting on the ride 😊

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