Detroit: Become Human


Honestly Markus is an inspiration and although he is a video game character I actually want to be like him lol.

I watched a walkthrough of this game on Chris Smoove’s YouTube channel (which you can watch here:

Honestly this game is amazing and I love these story telling driven games as you can re-play it multiple times to see the different outcomes, in addition to the fact it’s like creating your own movie whilst watching it simultaneously.

Watching this gave me an idea for something new on this site and I’ve decided to add a gaming category where I would; review games I’ve played, talk about improvements for the next installment and what I would like to see, my own ideas, games I’m looking forward to and many other things.

I used to looovvveee games when I was younger, like I was proper nerd when it came to it and I had the biggest collection when it came to anyone, not one of my friends came close hen it came to the amount of games I had. But as I’ve grown up I’ve kinda lost that passion I had for them especially now, but I think it’s good to relive childhood passions because I feel that’s when we were most free so I’ll be starting this up, just wanted to give an introduction.


Big Os

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