My Top 6 Old School Classics

These are a compilation of old songs that are always on my go to list and can never get bored of ever.

1. Pharrell (feat. Jay-Z) – Frotin’

This was Pharrell at his best and the production on this just soooo smooth. Everything about this song fits together perfectly and it definitely holds my number one spot.


2. JAY-Z (feat. Pharrell) – Excuse Me Miss

Another JAY-Z and Pharrell collaboration. Again the song is so smooth but it has a sense of class to it so it’s a different type of smooth. I actually used to think JAY-Z was overrated but after going back and listening to his old stuff I realised how good he actually is.


3. JAY-Z – I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)

Again with JAY-Z, I swear this song is just a bop whatever the place or the time.


4. Chris Brown – Gimme That (feat. Lil Wayne) [Remix]

This is probably my favourite Chris Brown song and early Chris Brown just can’t be topped to be honest, and of course Lil Wayne who was still popping these times actually adds to the song so it’s an all round vibe.


5. Chris Brown – Ya Man Ain’t Me

I heard this by accident lol. I was on Chris Brown’s Spotify page and I was listening to his page on shuffle and this came up and I was like “Why have I not heard this before” and decided to listen to his first album from start to finish after that and honestly it’s his best album to date to me. When I play this song or it comes on, it always goes on repeat multiple times before I change it, honestly its amazing.


6. Puff Daddy (feat. R Kelly) – Satisfy You

As much as R Kelly is a disgusting man, he kills it on this song! this tune right here is just something else and there’s something about this era of Hip-Hop where every song just has this timeless feel and this is definitely one of those that is on the top of my list.


This was meant to be top 5 but Satisfy You is always a song on my go to classics, hence the weird amount lol. I know there are so many other songs I could have added like; Diddy – I Need A Girl, Mase – Tell Me What You Want, B.I.G – Big Poppa, I could literally go on forever. The songs I’ve chosen are always my go to’s and plus, it would be hard to make a top 10 out of all those songs lol. Let me know your classic tunes that you can always vibe to an maybe it’ll be added to my list.




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