Really I’m the Plug Ep. 24

Really I'm the Plug

It feels like its been FOREVEEERRRR since I’ve updated this, but I finally have my laptop back (somewhat) so up next is Cover Drive (feat. Dappy) – Explode

I used to love Cover Drive (especially Amanda šŸ˜) and apart from their hit Twilight I feel like all of their other songs just went under the radar ESPECIALLY this one. There is a version of this song without Dappy, but honestly it’s just not the same. Dappy really does add a big something to this song and the island vibes really makes it a song that you can groove to.

It’s kind of sad they got dropped from their label and I know they’ve been trying to do the independent thing but it just isn’t popping off like it should. As harsh as it sounds I honestly feel Amanda should pursue her career aspirations as a solo artist. I mean she has the look and she has the voice so she will be easily marketable to a mass audience and I have no doubt she would become a star. But if you haven’t already, you can listen to Explode here.

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