The Day I Met You

As much as this chapter of my life is closed, the people I’ve told this story to really enjoyed it so I might as well tell it on here.

It was in my first year of University and it was my friends Rachel’s birthday. During that day she had messaged me on Snapchat about pre-drinks at her block (can’t remember the number) and to bring my Asian friends and I told her “Kool.” So I call Rahul and tell him about the plan and to be ready for when I get there so we can just leave and he responds “Yeah.”

It gets to the time so I make my way to Callice Court and let myself in (I had the key even though i don’t live there) and unsurprisingly no one is ready. Rahul had just come out the shower and Hiren was still ironing his shirt. so I’m there complaining “I told you to be ready before I get here” and we end up going back and forth until I tell them I’m going to Susan’s to use Crep Spray and hopefully that would waste enough time so when I come back we could go. Susan’s house was literally 30 seconds down the road from Callice so it wasn’t really a big deal, but I’m not gonna lie once I got there I was chilling, until Hiren called me on the phone. He called me saying how Rahul said we’re not going Rachel’s because Ramon is doing something at Callice and it’s going to be live. I then told Hiren to put Rahul on the phone and he’s just repeating “It’s going to be live,” and I respond to him “Well I’m going Rachel’s and that was that.

So I put the Crep Spray on and as I’m about to leave and I look outside the window and it’s raining now and I’m just thinking “It’s raining, and I don’t really know the way to Singer Halls anyway…. Fuck it I’m not going.” So I end up staying at Susan’s pre-drinking with her and her housemates Sumyi and Bernard and once we finished the alcohol there we’re all like “What do we do now” and I was like “Lets go Callice.” So we walk to Callice and make our way up to Ramons and I’m not going to lie that thing was liiiiveeeee, the only thing I remember from it really is walking in and shouting “Yoooo I need drinks” and Vinny began pouring me the most fuckery portions of vodka but I was a monster back in those days so it was nothing.

So we enjoying and drinking till we finally leave to the club and once we got there I felt so bad for not going Rachel’s, I was even meant to give her a card but because I didn’t go I didn’t bother giving it to her.

(on the inside it says “And just keep filling it up.” I know how much she likes that disgusting echo falls lol)

When we got there I was looking for people that knew Rachel but I couldn’t find anyone so I chilled with the people that were there until I saw Brandon and Aina roll through. Obviously I said hey and that then asked if they knew where Rachel was but they didn’t know. I then went to the dance floor and saw Stella and again went through the same process with her but she didn’t know where she was either. As I was turning around to go back up the stairs I saw her friend Nicole (I’m just going to call her that for this story).

I knew Nicole knew but I also knew what her name was even though we have never met or spoken to each other and no I’m not a stalker. One day after a night out I put on my Snapchat story “Rachel’s friend is the nice, the mix-raced one” and instantly fell asleep. When I woke up I was greeted with a message from Rachel saying “Who Nicole?” (then that typical YAAAASSSSS as I responded if that what her name is). From then I used to pester Rachel about her because I was too scared to talk to her by myself, so I would tell her to say “I said this” to her and all that (to be honest she got tired of my shit lol), but anyway I was in a mini dilemma because I didn’t how to approach her because of that, but without even thinking I exclaimed “Nicole wheres Rachel?” and she replied “She’s in the bathroom She’ll come out soon” and said kool and continued up the stairs. I did eventually find Rachel later and me, her and Stella took a picture together.


(I look high as fuck lol)

There’s a blank in my memory so I’m going to jump to the next bit.

So I’m chilling in VIP with Stella, Tracy, Riad and some other girl because the security guy pushed me away when I was talking to Stella outside it. So we all chilling in VIP until we decide to make our way to the dance floor. As we were going down I saw Nicole and she was in a circle with Rachel and her friends and as I’m making my way down I’m just thinking “I know most of these people anyway I can just jump in.” So I joined the circle and stood one away from the left of Nicole and joined in with the dancing. So we all dancing and enjoying ourselves till the DJ switches it up and starts playing Bashment and that’s when I stopped. I stood there for a couple of seconds I was just thinking about Nicole and how this could be my chance and then I just thought “Fuck it, if she moves she moves,” so I walked behind her without saying a word (I know how that sounds, its normal in the club) and to my surprise she didn’t move, In that moment I was so hyped and I was just thinking to myself why I didn’t do this earlier. So we dancing together and I just remember Dapo sitting down looking at me just smiling and nodding his head slowly and I was trying so hard not to laugh, I’m telling you after a while I had to stop looking at him lol. So after dancing for God knows  how long it got hot so everyone went outside.

so we’re all outside and though I don’t really remember anything at that point, I do remember it being extremely funny and enjoyable and Rachel shouting (which she normally does) until everyone gradually went back inside until it was just me and Nicole. The first thing I said to her when we were alone was it must have been weird for me to call out your name like that and explained to her how I knew her name, she said did recall Rachel saying something about me so I guess it was all good in the end lol. We were outside just talking for ages about; Uni, life and telling each other stories about each other. It was so amazing to me how quickly and easily we got along and how comfortable it all was to me because I was so scared for months to talk to her, like the whole experience with everything else added to it made it so incredible for me. After talking she asked me if I wanted to go and obviously I said “Yeah,” so we went back to get my jacket from the cloakroom and headed to the usual after the club spot McDonald’s. Honestly the only thing I remember from McDonald’s is her not wanting me to pay for her food (even though I did) and her laughing at me wearing my sunglasses inside because I was fucked and I couldn’t really see.

So we leave after eating and we on our way to Singer Halls and I’m asking her where it is because I have no idea. So she explaining where it (before the time I had actually walked past there once with someone, but I honestly thought they were just houses) and after explaining she asks me “You know your way back right?” Booooyyyyy I did not know my way back but I just replied “Yeah,” I was literally retracing my steps back to a point I knew where to go from, plus my phone was so low the maps wouldn’t even last to my destination.

So we get to the pathway  before you enter the premises and we stand there looking at each other talking. I don’t remember what we were saying apart from continuously saying “Message me.” The reason I kept saying that is because I wanted this to be real, like I’ve been sprung on this girl so long and now its finally happening. For me it was like validation because if she remembered the night then it actually happened, I didn’t want to message her first and she didn’t remember because that would suck so I just anted that confirmation from her. So we’re going back and forth until it’s complete silence and we’re just gazing into each others eyes. In my head at that moment I was just thinking “I should probably kiss her now” but I couldn’t, not because I didn’t want to but because I didn’t know what her boundaries were and I didn’t want to ruin it by doing something she didn’t want to do, like honestly the night alone was perfect to me without that. But after glaring into each others eyes for a couple of seconds she lent in and from there I knew what time it.

So after we kissed I waited for her to leave my view and I immediately called Rahul and more time than not he didn’t answer so I called Hiren and of course he answered, I asked him where he was and said “McDonald’s” and I replied “Kool I’m coming” and proceeded to walk back to McDonald’s. I get in and see Rahul and Hiren sitting down with a couple of girls and Rahul turns back and says “Where were you, we’ve been looking all over for you,” I can’t even describe the way I responded lol but I replied “It doesn’t matter where I was did you see who I was with? None of you can chat shit to me today.” So we chill in McDonald’s for a bit then I make my way back home, when I’m telling you I was soooo hyped from what happened I did not go to sleep even though I had a 9am lecture to go to. And yes I did make it to my lecture on time, but believe me when I say as soon as I came back home I passed out till 10pm.

But yeah… that was the day I met you.

It’s crazy but as I’m writing this there’s a big smile on my face and despite everything that has happened since then I still cherish every moment that I’ve had with her and she will always be special to me. Things never plan out how you want them to be, but hopefully in this new chapter will and through everything I’ve become a version of a better version of me.

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