Marketing Director #3

Today has been a good day (apart from the sun making me feel drowsy as hell) and I’ve learnt quite a lot over the course of the day. If I don’t get into a Marketing Executive role straight away, a viable option would either be through the form of an internship, apprenticeship or a graduate program.

Once I get in I’m in, as any type of experience will be good for me so it’s a win, win situation in my eyes. I feel the skills such as critical and strategic thinking are a given with me and I’ve got that down packed. When needs be I can honestly think of anything for anything, and for me to put that energy into a certain company/ industry will be very dangerous (in a good way). Learning the skills on the job, whilst already having the qualities needed can honestly push me to a monster in the field as if I have tunnel vision on specific thing God knows what could happen. With the amount of categories I have on this page, and the amount of ideas I haven’t published yet for this page it shows how I like to think of a lot of things for a lot of different areas, so it’ll be interesting to see when I’m focused on one industry.

What I need to start doing now though is gaining more of an understanding on the industry as a whole. I also need to really think beyond my CV and bring other ventures that can really aid my application when I start applying for jobs and going for interviews to stand out on a unique level (e.g. this page being). I would also need to get out there and start networking, I’ve also had a conversation with one of my friends who is doing incredibly well in digital marketing wither own company and everything. It was interesting to know where she is at and be given information on a lot of things I do not know myself so I know I know I have A LOT of work to still do.

Averages Wages Per Sector

I was looking for the different industries in the marketing field so I could pick which one would be best for me and I happened to stumble across this list and the average wages in my search. My search happened to show wages, but that to the side I would say the industries I have shortlisted for myself are:

  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Gaming & Gambling
  • Sport
  • Entertainment

The things I’ve listed are normal activities or things in my normal life that I enjoy or use a lot and I think that’s important. It wouldn’t be as fun to market something you have no interest in isn’t it? Of course my number one choice would be in the gaming industry, but I am open to anything and would like the challenge.

I have been searching for a couple of jobs and I have been seeing different avenues in Public Relations (PR) or as an analyst. Of course this options still implements elements of marketing so those are viable options to look at. It seems like a lot of doors are opening and the future is looking bright so I look forward to it 😊.

More to follow soon

Big Os

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