Top 10 Tracks (+ 2) Right Now #5


12. Dappy (feat. Ay Em) – Oh My

I never liked this song when it came out I just thought it was ok, same generic shit that’s out right now you know. But it’s kind of grown me and to be honest it’s a kool come back song from Dappy.



This is basically Beyonce featuring JAY Z. I was honestly trying to find who ghost wrote for Beyonce and once the answer was revealed (Quavo) it was mad how she was able to flow like how they do (Migos) so effortlessly even though she isn’t actually a rapper. One minor thing about this song though is a though JAY Z should have had more verses, but meh.


10. Shakka (feat. AlunaGeorge) – Man Down

Aside to the song, the girl in the video is crazy beautiful.


9. B Young – 079ME

This song was another that grew on me after a while.


8. Rich The Kid (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – New Freezer

I heard this time ago, but I’ve never properly listened to it so it seems like a new song to me. Also Kendrick Lamar’s verse is flames.


7. Ella Mai – Boo’d Up

This song is definitely going to be one of those ones 20 years from now that starts playing and we all jump up to vibe to whilst telling the young kids “Ooooooooooo, y’all don’t know nothing ’bout this”


6. Skepta & Wizkid – Bad Energy (Stay Far Away)

This was another grower for me. Just smooth vibes man.


5. Headie One (feat. Yxng Bane) – This Week

This is the first Headie One song I’ve listened to and I actually like it. I particularly  like the fact that his flow is unique from every drill artists who uses the same played flow. . His uniqueness is what is making him stand out and hopefully he can continue rising.


4. Khalid (feat. 6LACK & Ty Dolla $ign) – OTW

This is actually the only Khalid song I like (well I’ve only listened to two but that’s besides the point). My cousin put me on to this song and with his mostly terrible music taste it was a surprise that I actually liked the song. On a side note though, does Ty Dolla $ign ever not deliver on a feature, because I don’t think he does?


3. Iggy Azalea (feat. Tyga) – Kream

Iggy is back with a bang and a lot of cake (literally). With glorious visuals (which I thoroughly enjoyed) she has improved her flow and Increased the production value in her songs (even though it’s just one). Also Tyga from being “washed up” (in other peoples eyes anyway), to now popping in these streets shows if you keep sticking to something long enough in the end you will prevail.


2. StarBoy (Terri, Spotless, Ceeza Milli & Wizkid) – Soco

I haven’t listened to Afrobeats in years. I just got tired of how much every single song basically sounded the same so I just stopped listening to the new songs coming out. Though after Nigeria beating Iceland in the World Cup I decide to celebrate by blasting anything that had Wizkid in it and I came across this song. To me it’s like mellow Afrobeats and I like the tone of it, it’s smooth in its own African uniqueness.


1. Rich The Kid – Plug Walk

Prior to recently I had only listened to this song once and I don’t think I properly took it in because THIS IS A BANGER! The beat to this song is just too wavy. I can’t really describe it but there’s just something about this song that makes it so good.

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