The Day I Went Through The Wall

Whilst I’m still working on this story series (I’m taking so long I’m terrible) I’m just going to continue telling stories about events in my life. These stories though aren’t really long enough for me to really say anything about, but something is better than nothing isn’t it.

From the title you could probably tell what it is about. Now I know the first thing you’re thinking is I’m chatting the most shit, but I swear to God this actually happened lol. This happened when I was really young and in my old house there was only one bedroom so I would sleep with my mum, but during this moment she was in the living room. It happened whilst I was sleeping when all of a sudden I was lifted out of my bed and guided through the wall behind the bed in the room. As I passed through (or inside) I was introduced inside a house in the living room. I remember it was dark and the only thing was giving off light was the TV in the room, which was showing an image (I’ll show below) and a loud “Duuuunnnnn!” sound was booming, like when the news reporters would announce each top story before they properly started the broadcast.

Related image

(It was just the little girl though and the background was in blue, with the roman numerals around her like a clock)

Anyway, whilst I was floating I was being led and had no control of where I was going whatsoever and after looking around for a while I was led up the stairs of the house until a point where it seemed like there was a closed trap on the floor. All of a sudden I was led back downstairs again and back through the same wall. Once I got back I was camply put back down to my bed and the covers magically rolled up to cover me and I went back to sleep straight after, what an experience.

As much as this story all seems like bullshit, hand on my heart it actually happened (and no it wasn’t a dream I would know). The fact I can remember it in that much detail surley should count for something lol. I mean you don’t have to believe me, but I know it happened so that’s all that matters 😊. There was one time though a YouTube video on astral projection came up on my home page and after watching it I thought of this time and maybe I may have done that somehow, but I honestly don’t know.

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