I’ve Turned Into One Of Those People

After years of calling people a “Lightie” I have finally joined the club and become one myself. It would frustrate me so much when I would message someone and they would take 25 years to respond each time (it’s an over exaggeration but you know what I mean), especially when it’s something important. I could literally go down and list different scenarios of this, but I think all of you would know them already.

The days of me responding to messages as soon as I would see it are long gone. More time than not these days I will look at the message and consciously say to myself “Meh, I’ll reply later” and continue with my life and there’s many reasons for it. Back before university I didn’t really speak to people or even just to have a normal conversation like that, it was mostly only when something came up that needed to be discussed. The few people I did speak to though (which was probably like 2) I never had that problem with them so it wasn’t ever anything to me.

When I got to university it was so mad to me how normal it was. I know people are busy with their work and that which is understandable, but some people used to take the piss. Even still during like my first 2 and a bit years I would still respond more or less straight away if someone messaged me because during those times I still had someone or a few people that I could talk to flawlessly. But then it all got to a point where everyone just “left,” not literally, but no one was as accessible as they once were. Even the days I used to have someone to call at anytime and they would pick up the phone are looong gone, I could probably go down on my contacts right now and call 5 people and no one would answer (I’ve actually done this before), honestly it was nice to be of that level of importance to someone else you know.

I know the world doesn’t revolve around me and I know people have their own things in their lives, but God damn, why do I have to wait for an answer for “How are you” after 5 days? I don’t give a fuck how you are after that lol. Even when you’re trying to talk to a girl (or guy), you’ll be waiting for a while before you respond just so it doesn’t look like you’re too eager, but if you two are on the same page why should it be like that. Anyway this whole became too draining and if you can’t beat them join them right? Now I’ve joined the gang *Gun fingers brap brap* I will continue retweeting and tweeting shit on my timeline whilst that message from 2 hours ago is still lingering on my phone just like everyone else (sorry not sorry), but it’s all good because now we all part of the same family 😊.

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