21 Answers (Inspired by 50 Cent)

If you were down and out I’ll keep you up inside, My love for you, rotates all year ’round

To fall off how? you’re always present to me, the only gift I want under my Christmas tree

You don’t smell to good? There’s no whiff to me, you can always get a hug after gym with me

I got you mentally, I’ll never leave you be, It don’t matter what you drive you’re still riding D

If you got hurt tonight, I’m always down to fight, and you don’t ever have to worry if I’m by your side

And I’m down to ride, so just sit back tight, and I’ll never hide my feelings to my friends alright, you know I’ll show you off, who am I holding from? and I’m down to go down when the time comes ’round

And if you write to me, you know I’m writing back, and if you’re thuggin’ then I’m rolling with the squad alright

I know you love me right, I don’t see no lie, you are my soul and system planet of my life

I’ll answer each one right, I’ll do it gadly, and I hope you sleep enough to tell me all your dreams

I’ll always make you smile, I can’t bear your frown, and you know I’ll never leave I’ll always stay around

How deep is our bond? Well this is destiny, and in a Bentley or Bus I know you’re meant for me

I’ve answered 21 questions, and it’s all for us, so can we stop all this stalling because its driving me nuts

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