E3 2018 – Square Enix

This is by far the worst press conference from E3 so far and honestly it was a complete waste of time…

It was so strange, they might as well have just brought out individuals trailers for each of their games because that’s all it basically was. There wasn’t any details or gameplay on nearly all of the games shown and games such as Kingdom Hearts 3 basically reused the footage from the Microsoft press conference (which was meant to be the ‘big surprise’ at the end) and honestly, they showed a whole lot of nothing.

Nearly all of the trailers shown didn’t show enough for me and from the ones that did show cinematic gameplay, again nearly all of them did nothing for me and the whole thing was all a bit meh. They could have at least shown SOMETHING for the Final Fantasy 7 remake, but it was completely left out of their conference, which is mind boggling to me.

I’m sorry this is short, but it was really that bad. I mean I would have talked about all the games that I’m looking forward to from their show, but I’ve already talked about Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts previously, and the Quiet Man barley showed anything for me to actually talk about. One little positive note is Just Cause 4 looks really really good. The open world looks amazing and showed a lot of new gameplay mechanics and new additions that have been added to the game.

Overall I’m going to have to give Square Enix’s E3 Press Conference 2/5. It was repetitive as we have already seen most of what was shown and the whole thing was really a waste of their time and my time. I mean what was the point of doing the whole thing if you’re barley going to show any gameplay

Image result for 2/5 stars

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