Who else finds it hard to have a good nights sleep because I do. I actually envy the people that can sleep on demand, just close their eyes and drift off and wake up refreshed. There was a certain time in my life though where I could not stay up after 11 so I would sleep pretty early and wake up refreshed, but those days are long gone. The first part of my sleep cycle changed when I used to Skype with my friend everyday and she could stay awake till God knows when. During our calls I would always end up falling asleep around the 11 o’clock mark until one day she got tired of it and began to just continuously waking me up until it stuck with me and now I’m even worse than her (look at the monster she created). These days going to sleep before 12 is the biggest myth ever (unless something is really troubling me and I want to ‘escape’ from it like yesterday) and God knows when I’ll end up sleeping after that.

Coming to the second part the length of my sleep, I used to be able to sleep for agggeeeesss and whenever I got up I would always feel refreshed. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason or another African parents don’t like it when you’re relaxing and my mum hated the fact I could sleep for ages. My mum just thought I was lazy (which is not the case) and she got tired off it (I think it was just jealousy) and took advantages because I am a light sleeper. One day this not so bright idea came to her head to wake me up every morning before she went to work and she wouldn’t leave the house until she physically saw me get up and leave my room. Obviously after she left I went back to my bed, but I’m one of those people where when I’ve woken up I cannot go straight back to sleep or even again until later in the day, in addition to that just calling my name will wake me up, which actually annoys me.

So combining the fact I have now been programmed to be a vampire, plus having limited sleeping time everyday I pretty wake up extremely tired everyday and I’m extremely throughout the whole day. It was always documented that the average hours of sleep we should be getting everyday is 8 hours, but do I even get 5 most days lol. Even the few times I’ve had 8 or above hours of sleep I still always feel really tired (but I think that’s due to other things). Nowadays there are so many sleeping theories that I honestly don’t care to follow a strict guideline anymore. If this is how my sleeping is now anyway why try and fight it, so yeah. I’ll probably have to live with this suffering for the rest of my life.

P.S. I know she wont see this, but please will my Mum stop having conversations with me at 7am and telling me each time she is leaving to go work, and she literally continues calling my name until I answer back. Do you know how much energy it takes to say “Bye” when you’re tired. Please respect me and my sleep thank you, its already hard enough as it is anyway.

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