Tuesday 17th July 2018

Now that I have “work” to do again I can’t upload like I used to so I thought I would make a quick update before I wither into nothingness again.

  • Firstly to update on ‘Mission Impossible’ it is actually mission impossible and there is really no point of me continuing what was originally planned because it’s not going to get me anywhere to be honest with you.


  • Secondly, I’ve decided to turn off my phone when I have no use for it. I found I was so much happier when I was off social media and though it’s been fine since I’ve come back, with the way I’m feeling now its better for me to stay away from the “triggers” because I honestly can’t help myself. I know it won’t be too bad anyway, it’s not like my phone is popping off lol


  • Last but not least, The Story Of Osi soon come


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